Book Review: A Teenager’s Perspective on Food Restrictions by Erica

How does one define a typical teenager?

One imagines they are full of hopes and dreams, hang out with their friends, go on  dates, attend the prom…hope they ‘fit in’.

Hey…I remember the teenaged years. Not a time I would gladly go back to but I understand that feeling of wanting to be ‘just like everyone else’ all the same.

With my curly, unruly hair with ‘frizzies’, freckled pale skin that burned in the sun and breathing issues that limited my ability to join actively in outdoor activities (undiagnosed asthma)...I remember that feeling of ‘standing out’ in a crowd.

Did I want to talk about it?  Not particularly.

Meet Erica.  Erica is an 18 year old teenager with hopes and dreams, loves playing baseball, hanging out with her friends and strives to ‘fit in’.

You see, Erica lives with chronic health issues…food sensitivities, joint inflammation, and cystic acne…and she wants to talk about it.

Erica writes a blog…Edible Attitudes A Teenagers Perspective on Food Restrictions. In fact, Erica has written a book about her journey with her chronic health issues…

A Teenager’s Perspective on Food Restrictions A Practical Guide to Keep from Going Crazy”.

Perhaps it is the memory of my teenage years of trying to ‘fit in’ or the fact that I have two teenaged boys with food allergies that make them ‘stand out’ that Erica’s need to share her story resonates with me.

My boys are not keen to talk about their multiple food allergy experiences but here is a girl willing to put herself out there and share her chronic health experiences in order to help others who may be following a similar journey.

Erica states, “I hope this book encourages you through your journey as much as writing it has done for me.”

Erica’s grasp on the importance of her health seems to guide her.  She states, “When you take ownership of your health and are self-motivated, you are more willing to follow your diet restrictions, because you know why you are choosing to eat this way.”

Erica understands everyone’s journey is unique…but she is willing to share with others the ups and downs of her journey to give others hope with their own.

As a parent with two teenaged boys with food restrictions of their own who are not keen to share their feelings on the topic…I enjoyed reading about food restrictions from the point of view of a teenager living in today’s world.

Erica is offering readers of my blog the opportunity to purchase a PDF version of her book, “A Teenager’s Perspective on Food Restrictions – A Practical Guide to Keep from Going Crazy“, for only $1!

Click here for a link to the PDF version and use the coupon code, CHRONICLES (all caps).




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