Our Second Trip To Lone Star With Multiple Food Allergies…Another Success

Tip # 25 from Anaphylaxis Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel at Why Risk It? . Click here for the entire list.

“I know calling restaurants and manufacturers about menus and ingredients is the right thing to do, however it’s really intimidating!  We need your help to show us how to make these calls.”

I wanted to celebrate the boys achievement of their Honours average this year by taking them out to a fancier restaurant in town that I had heard caters to those with food allergies…unfortunately, the boys were not interested.

What they did want to do was to go back to the Lone Star Texas Grill Restaurant. Click here for my post on our first trip there this year.

As I had set the stage by calling and enquiring about Michael’s food allergies (dairy, egg, beef, lamb, sesame, peanut/tree nuts, fish, shellfish, mustard and raspberries)...I felt this would be a great opportunity for Michael to review with the manager his food allergies to make sure the restaurant could still accommodate his food allergy needs.

The day we decided to go, Michael called ahead. Unfortunately, the manager was in a meeting so the assistant manager took the call. She basically told Michael that the restaurant would not be able to accommodate his food allergies. Michael related to her his last visit…she put him on hold. Upon her return, she assured him that the restaurant would be able to meet all his food allergy needs…so all was a go.

Our family was seated, menus distributed, drinks were ordered…I questioned Michael when he was going to ask to speak to the manager. “When she comes back and we order our meal”, he answered.

The manager was finally called over…as soon as Michael started to talk about his food allergies, the manager looked at me with recollection in his eyes…”Yes, you talked with me the last time we came…Michael is doing all the talking this time.”

The manager on this evening, happened to be the first manager I had talked with over the phone for our initial visit. (he was not the manager working the night we actually ate at Lone Star) Michael reviewed with him his meal from the last time…the complimentary nachos and salsa, chicken fingers dusted in flour, salt and pepper and fried with French fries without any spices on them in a fryer that was free of all his allergens.

The manager came out to enquire if flour was okay…he even checked the plum sauce for mustard and brought out a dish of it for Michael when it was given the all clear.

I know I felt much better knowing that the manager was the original manager who had organized Michael’s meal…even Matthew stated, “I feel so safe here”.

Once again, our family was well taken care of at our local Lone Star Texas Grill Restaurant. I would like to think all the franchises are similar.

Has anyone else dined at the Lone Star Texas Grill with their food allergies? What was your experience?

What restaurants have you found to be accommodating to your food allergies? Please share.