Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free ‘Scream/Dream Bars’

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada and Sunday is Mother’s Day…this post aims to honour them both.

As a mother with two teenaged boys with multiple food allergies…Anaphylaxis Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel’s (YAP) 31 Tips for Parents – From Teens (click here) has encouraged me to learn more about what allergic youth of today need. To do so,  I have been visiting their site…Why Risk It?Where Real Life And Allergies Collide.

Why Risk It? is a great site for allergic youth to learn more about how their peers with food allergies are living/coping/dealing with their food allergies through real life stories of their own.

With two teenaged boys with multiple food allergies in the house…forever on the look-out for something tasty to eat…I was curious to check out the recipes on the Why Risk It? Blog.

I must say…I was a bit disappointed to find only 3 recipes. Out of the 3 recipes, only one stood out…I love a recipe with a good story.

The post was written by Arianne. Due to Arianne’s peanut/tree nut allergies and her brother’s egg allergies…Halloween treats were off limits at her house. Lucky for Arianne and her brother, her mother learned to make special allergen friendly Halloween treats, such as Scream Bars, for her and her brother to enjoy so they would not feel left out.

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free 'Scream Bars'

Arianne states, “To this day, I still use her recipes and praise her every second that I get for helping me and my brother to truly feel the Halloween spirit.”

Click here for the original story and recipe.

I have adapted Arianne’s, already egg and peanut/tree nut free recipe, to be dairy free to accommodate my eldest son’s dairy allergy.

Adaptions and Recommendations:

1) Replace the 1/2 cup butter with Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks or Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread for a soy free version.
2) Cream the room temperature Earth Balance before adding the brown sugar…cream them together before adding the flour.
3)  Measure all the dry ingredients, excluding the coconut and rice krispies, in a large bowl.
4)  I used Adrianne’s 2 egg replacement: I measured 4 tbsp. of warm water in a little dish…just before I was to add it to the mixed dry ingredients, I added the 1 tbsp. of baking powder. I stirred it all together while it fizzed then quickly added it to the dry ingredients to combine. I then added the coconut and rice krispies.

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Dream Bars

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free 'Dream Bars'

A sweet, crunchy, decadent treat!

Matthew found them…“Nice and crunchy with a powerful chocolatey taste.”

As Mother’s Day is this Sunday…I would like to take the time to thank my mother for encouraging me to help in the kitchen…she gave me the skills I needed to be creative in the kitchen, instilled in me a love for good ‘real’ food, and sent me off into the world with a pleather of great recipes…many of which I have adapted to share with my family today.

As a mother myself…I hope I can do the same for my boys.

On that note, I would like to wish all the mother’s out there with children, family members and/or friends with food allergies…here’s to you and all that you do…


May Is Food Allergy Awareness Month In Canada

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada.

Anaphylaxis Canada is encouraging us all to “get involved and make a difference in your community.” Click here for a link to their website for a list of this month’s events.

I recently received an email from Anaphylaxis Canada with a link to a very important public service announcement for anyone with children…especially teenagers.

Anaphylaxis Canada encourages us all to ‘spread the word’ through email or social media…without further ado, click here to view “The First Kiss”.

As a mother of two boys in their teens…I very much appreciated this video as an ice-breaker.

Another email from Anaphylaxis Canada brought to my attention Anaphylaxis Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel (YAP)…a group of youths with food allergies. Throughout Food Allergy Awareness Month, the youth members will share their tips for parents of allergic youth.

The list of 31 tips encourages parents with children with food allergies to…“prepare them to become responsible for their own allergies.”

What I love the most about this list of 31 tips is all 31 tips were written by youths with food allergies. Photos of youths holding up their tips will be posted daily on Anaphylaxis Canada’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts or click here to view the list at Why Risk It?

Real tips from real youth…love it!

Here is my favourite youth tip so far from Day 5: 

     “We can only be empowered…IF you give us the power
to manage our allergies on our own.”

Great advice…I am a work in progress.

I plan to sit down with my boys every day of Food Allergy Awareness Month to discuss the ‘Youth Tip of the Day’…I am hoping that by exposing my boys to tips from other youths with food allergies…my boys will come up with a few of their own.

I am extremely impressed with Anaphylaxis Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel’s venture…giving allergic youth a voice. I hope it helps parents of allergic youth open their eyes and ears…take notice and listen.

It worked for me.

Click here for a link to Why Risk Ita site for Canadian youth at risk for Anaphylaxis for more information.

How will you contribute to Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada?

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month: Epi Pen Take Action Event 2012

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month.

My boys at the 2012 Epi Pen Take Action Event in Brooklin Ontario

During the month of May, the Allergy, Asthma and Information Association’s (AAIA) Epi Pen Take Action Event is encouraging allergy communities across Canada to join together to help raise awareness and funds for anaphylaxis research and education.

My boys at the 2012 Epi Pen Take Action Event in Brooklin Ontario

Click here for a location near you.

Funds raised by the Epi Pen Take Action Event are donated to the Canadian Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Foundation (CAAIF). Over the past 6 years, the AAIA has donated over $320, 000 to fund research and patient education. That is awesome!

In 2010, I ran my very first 10 km race at the Epi Pen Take Action Event. I enjoyed it so much, I signed up for it again in 2011. This year, May 12, 2012, our Epi Pen Take Action Event was in Brooklin and hosted a 2 km family walk/run.

My boys volunteered to run the 2 km to help raise awareness and funds for a charity ‘very near and dear to their hearts.’

My boys starting the 2 km walk/run Epi Pen Take Action Event in Brooklin Ontario

I am so proud of them!

Epi Pen’s Take Action Event has always been a fun family event! Depending on your location, there are activities, special guests and musical performances. Our Brooklin location had a bouncy castle, face painting and Beebo Smile was there singing and entertaining us all!

Samples of some allergy friendly products were available: Guardian Angel Foods Chocolate & Raspberry Muffins, Sunbutter Natural Sunflower Seed Spread, Lamontagne Peanut/ Nut Free Cereal Bars, fresh Royal Gala apples, and bottled water.

Allergy friendly food samples at the Epi Pen Take Action Event

Lamontagne Belgian Recipe Milk Chocolate with Caramel were handed out at the end of the event…Matthew was especially happy!

Lamontagne Milk Chocolate with Caramel Bars handed out at the Epi Pen Take Action Event

“Mom! These are the fancy packaged chocolate! These are really special!” he announced excitedly with a big smile across his face.

All three of us put our names in for the door prizes…Michael’s name was called. He chose this package which he presented to me on Mother’s Day.

Michael with his door prize at the Epi Pen Take Action Event in Brooklin, Ontario

It was filled with hair products and a funky hot pink hair dye…I just might be a ‘tad old’ for pink streaks in my hair!

My name was also called…I chose a book…’The Complete Kid’s Allergy And Asthma Guide’ by General Editor, Dr. Milton Gold.

My door prize at the Epi Pen Take Action Event in Brooklin, Ontario

I know just who to give this to…my friend whose 2 year-old son has eczema, food sensitivities/allergies. She was unable to attend this event…such a shame as this event was such a family affair…her son would have loved it!

I enjoyed meeting some of the great volunteers at this years Epi Pen Take Action Event.

Volunteers of the Epi Pen Take Action Event and Dr. Leigh Chair of CAAIF

From left to right are: Jodi (volunteer), Stephanie (volunteer and follower of The Food Allergy Chronicles), Clare (Lead Volunteer) and Dr. Leith (President/Chair of the Canadian Allergy Asthma Immunology Foundation/CAAIF).

‘Missing in action’ from the photo is…Monika, Regional Coordinator from The Allergy Asthma Information Association.

The Epi Pen Take Action Event is a great way to meet other families living with food allergies/asthma on a daily basis. It is an event where children with food allergies are the ‘norm’.

It brought tears to my eyes as the children were gathered around to receive their allergy awareness T-shirts…someone announced, “Look around you. The boys and girls here all have food allergies just like you!” Empowering words!

For me personally, attending The Epi Pen Take Action Event was energizing…being surrounded by families ‘just like mine’like-minded families who ‘get it’ …revitalizes my spirit. Knowing our family is not alone in our food allergy/asthma journey…priceless!

Taking an active role in raising awareness and funds to support allergy research and education keeps the ‘hope alive’ that one day there will be answers to all of our questions…and a cure!

The allergy/asthma community is one very supportive community. If you are feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, alone…know that there are families in your community living with food allergies/asthma.

An event like the Epi Pen Take Action Event brings us all together! I am so appreciative!

What are you waiting for? Find the nearest Epi Pen Take Action Event near you, grab your running shoes and join the many families with food allergies/asthma ‘just like you’ trying to make a difference in the world of allergy research and education.

Together, we can support each other and take part in finding a cure!

Question: Have you or will you be attending your local Epi Pen Take Action Event? Have you ever participated in one before? What was your experience?