Unique Opportunity For Teenagers With Food Allergies…Food Allergy Cooking Classes

I am very excited to announce a unique opportunity for teenagers with food allergies…Food Allergy Cooking Classes!

The Town of Whitby’s (Ontario) 2013 Fall Activity Guide is offering Food Allergy Cooking Classes to youth 15+…click here for a link.

The Food Allergy Cooking Classes will focus on:

– how to read ingredient lists for their food allergens
– cross-contamination in the kitchen
– how to adapt a recipe to meet their food allergens
– how to follow a recipe
– hands on experience creating delicious food allergy friendly foods

Preparing youth with food allergies to be independent in the kitchen with basic cooking skills is an essential basic need.

Our youth with food allergies will one day be moving on…giving them the basic tools to create allergy friendly foods for themselves is a lesson worth giving.

I am happy to announce that I will be teaching the classes…so excited!

This is a great opportunity for youth with food allergies to get together, socialize, learn some life long kitchen skills, enjoy some great tasting allergy friendly food and realize they are not alone on their journey.

If you have food allergies and live in the Durham, Ontario area…this course is for you!

Have you ever taken a Food Allergy Cooking Class? How was it?  What did you learn?
Are there Food Allergy Cooking Classes in your area?  Have you ever considered signing up for one?
If you could take a Food Allergy Cooking Class…what would you hope to learn from it?

I would love to get your feedback to help me prepare for the Food Allergy Cooking Classes…thank you.