Anphylaxis Canada and Loblaw Pharmacies Pair Together: Allergy Class

Did you know…Anaphylaxis Canada and Loblaw Pharmacies have formed a partnership to create a new Food Allergy Management Assessment Program? Click here for a link.

The Food Allergy Management Assessment Program is offered in pharmacies located in Loblaw retail stores to “help educate consumers about food allergies and emergency preparedness.”

Registered Dietitian, Lisa Ireland at the Loblaw Pickering location…was recently featured in our local paper promoting healthy food choices for the family with a series titled “Your Life: Healthy alternatives for the whole family to enjoy.” Click here for the article.

I was pleased to note the series included, “Your Life Nutrition: Managing food allergies at school.” Click here for the link.

I love the combination of Anaphylaxis Canada, a dietitian and grocery store. Any questions you may have concerning food allergens, nutritional requirements and food products can be answered by the local Loblaw dietitian or pharmacist. Fabulous!

The main article described the role of the dietitian: to “help people reach their nutrition goals through interactive grocery store tours, educational classes, food demonstrations, and one-on-one nutrition ‘check-ins.’ “

I recently attended one of the educational classes, titled Allergy Class, at the Pickering Loblaw location. The pharmacist covered the basics of Anaphylaxis that was developed by Anaphylaxis Canada followed by Registered Dietitian Lisa Ireland’s overview of meeting one’s nutritional needs with food allergies, reading labels carefully for potential food allergens and answering many personal questions.

Registered Dietitian, Lisa Ireland speaking at Allergy Class at Pickering Loblaw store

The Allergy Class provided hand-outs including pamphlets from Anaphylaxis Canada, EpiPen, Allerject, Government of Canada, and a fantasic booklet from Anaphylaxis Canada titled, “Living Confidently With Food Allergy: A guide for parents and families.

I think the partnership of Anaphylaxis Canada and Loblaw Pharmacies with the concept of educating about food allergies ‘in-store’ is genius.

Such a shame that offering a Food Allergy Cooking Class is not possible due to…cross-contamination issues.

Besides living in a bubble…cross-contamination issues in kitchens will always be ‘on the table’.

Learning how to avoid and minimize cross-contamination in the kitchen…now that is a lesson worth giving.

Has anyone participated in the Anaphylaxis Canada and Loblaw Pharmacies Food Allergy Management Assessment Program?