Anaphylaxis Canada Launches Free Allergy App For Teens

Oh happy day! Anaphylaxis Canada has just launched a free ‘Allergy App For Teens’. Click here to read all about the new app.

Having just upgraded to an iPhone, I was super excited to upload this free app from ‘Apple’s App Store’. Just search for the term “Why Risk It?”. The app is available for both the iPhone and iPad, as well as, phones and tablets that run on the Android and Blackberry operating systems. Just check their respective app stores.

Not only does Anaphylaxis Canada’s ‘Allergy App For Teens’ contain all the pertinent information all allergenic youth need regarding anaphylaxis but it also contains a direct link to the “Why Risk It? Teen Allergy Blog”. A great source for allergenic youth to read about the lives of other youth with allergies.

I will certainly be bringing it to the attention of my boys’ high school principal and at the next Parent Council (I finally joined this year).  Anaphylaxis Canada’s ‘Allergy App For Teens’ is the perfect educational tool for all teachers. It gives teachers quick, easy access to refresh their memories with information on “What is Anaphylaxis?, Symptoms, Treatment and FAQ’s”, as well as, information on “Why Risk It?” and a link to their blog.

Have you downloaded Anaphylaxis Canada’s ‘ Allergy App For Teens’ yet?

P.S.  Just to let you know…I have not dropped off the face of the earth. lol  Living, breathing, shopping, cooking and talking about food allergies 24/7 can become quite overwhelming.  I think I just needed a break from writing about it.

With my eldest son, Michael, heading off to university next year, there is much to think about…a new stage in all of our lives.  Michael’s journey towards ‘independent living’ and my journey of learning to ‘let go’.

Coming soon, I will be writing about this new chapter in our lives.

4 thoughts on “Anaphylaxis Canada Launches Free Allergy App For Teens

  1. I am so glad to read another entry by you. I sure missed your emails especially during the Christmas season. I frantically searched your column for last years meals and treats as our family was hosting this year. I thank you for all you do and for sharing your world with your readers . Truly appreciated and helps those of us who have younger kiddos prepare for the future.

    • Thank you, thank you…you have just made my day! 🙂 I would love to know what recipes you tried and how they turned out for you. I also hosted this year. I followed all my recipes with great success for all. This years dessert involved the ice cream maker that our family fell in love with this summer. I made a Dairy Free Oreo Ice Cream Pie…a huge hit! Unfortunately, no pictures were taken as it was quickly gobbled up. I will need to make it again in order to write up a post to share with you all…truly not difficult to make. Thank you again for all your support…I am truly touched that our family’s adventures are reaching out to other families like ourselves. Take care. 🙂

  2. SO great to hear from you after your break. I’m looking forward to your “letting go” strategies. I have downloaded the app. Thank you for the heads up.

    • ‘Letting go’ will surely be a process for all those with children heading off for a higher education. Any tips are welcome. 🙂 So pleased you downloaded the app…spread the word as this app is really worth having at one’s fingertips. 🙂

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