Press Pause…And Enjoy All The Beauty Around You

One of my favourite methods of de-stressing is my run first thing in the morning. Monday and yesterday were no exception…yes, it was raining.

Running in the rain brings out the kid in me. Why avoid the puddles and fret about getting wet…half the fun is the pure joy of throwing worry aside. Besides…there is a warm shower awaiting my arrival at home.

The greens of nature have never looked so green…the air is filled with an earthy aroma mixed with fragrant hues, birds are chirping, bunnies dash about here and there and the few people I see…other runners and dog walkers…acknowledge my presence with a smile and a wave…pleased to see they are not alone in the joy of being out in the rain.

It is the little things in life that bring the most pleasure to me…I hope you take the time to pause…and enjoy all the beauty that is around you today.

Here is one to start you off.

Beautiful Peony from my husband's grandmother's garden

My treasured peony from my husband’s grandmother’s garden is now in bloom.


P.S. Check out this ‘good feel’ article that ran in the Toronto Star yesterday. Click here.

I am always looking for ‘good news stories’ in the newspaper as my boys complain there is too much reporting of all the ‘bad news stories’.

Well ,’Chalkboard Guy’ was a hit in our house!

“1 Smile could change Everything”…”life’s short break some rules”…”Make (picture of a heart) Not War”…”Let’s Party House Warming Fri 9…”…”Grace Trumps Karma”…”Chalk $5 black-board $20 Making u Smile PRICELESS”…”Read the News or Make the News”…It’s not to late to be a ROCKSTAR”…and…”Need: -Chalk -Wife Soon”.

Imagine, how wonderful it would be to wake up every morning to a new positive message written on a chalkboard and displayed in your neighbours window for all to embrace.

How do you stop and smell the roses in your day? What little treasures have you paused to enjoy this week?


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