My Secret Sister Package Has Arrived

Guess what arrived early Wednesday morning before I had the chance to shovel all the messy, heavy snow and rain?…my Secret Sister Package hosted by Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily.

My Secret Sister package arrived

As I looked through my front window, I could see my mailman carefully trudging through  the unshovelled snow in our driveway…up the snow-covered path to our front door…to deliver my special gift from my Secret Sister Cindy@Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

It really did seem like Christmas came early…especially since the box was all ‘decked out’ with a Christmas theme.

Inside were a collection of goodies my Secret Sister selected especially for me.

A collection of goodies inside my Secret Sister package

A couple of tea towels…one being my favourite colour red and the other with red flowers, dark chocolate…Mmmm 71% cacao, a package of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea to enjoy with my chocolate…a cute special tin was tucked inside the box, my very own ‘Mom’s Cafe’ magnet, Neutrogena Dry-Touch SunScreen…I love this for my face in the summer, a ‘well-healed’ pie server and my ultimate favourite item in the box had to be…these adorable salt and pepper bunnies in their very own basket.

Adorable salt and pepper bunnies in their own basket

Oh my gosh…I love them!

Receiving my Secret Sister gift so early had me in a bit of a panic…until I realized I do have until March 15th to mail my Secret Sister gift. My Secret Sister will just have to wait a bit longer…I still have some knitting to do!

Who is my Secret Sister?  I think part of the fun is trying to figure out one’s Secret Sister.

Here are a few clues from what I have learned about my Secret Sister from the questionnaire Carla had all the Secret Sisters fill out and from checking out her blog.

My Secret Sister enjoys tea and cookies, takes her dog for walks, lives out of province, and loves chocolate…well, who doesn’t love chocolate!

If you are participating in Carla’s Secret Sister Swaplet me know if you think you may be my Secret Sister.


6 thoughts on “My Secret Sister Package Has Arrived

  1. Susan I am so pleased you were happy with your gift, especially the Easter Bunnies I had so happily came across in my travels. This is always so much fun, thanks to Carla making it all possible for us. I can’t wait to see what you have sent off your Tea, Cookie, Dog Lover Secret Sister from out of province !

    • Thank you once again Cindy! Your Easter Bunnies will be well cared for…they sit proudly on my dining room table awaiting the arrival of my collection of Easter decorations 🙂 I need to get knitting if I am to make my Secret Sister deadline! 🙂

  2. What a great little pkg. you received! I love the bunnie shakers… sooo cute! 🙂 I need to get mine ready too… it’s hald done, but i’d like to add something handmade, just need some free time! lol!

    • Yes, the bunnie shakers are adorable! I am still knitting away to reach the deadline…almost have everything else sorted out to be packaged together for my Secret Sister. 🙂

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