Family Day From The Food Allergy Chronicles

What better way to spend Family Day Weekend than with family in the great Canadian outdoors!

Skating on the Rideau Canal Family Day 2013

We all enjoyed a beautiful skate on the Rideau Canal on the last day of Winterlude 2013.

I forgot my figure skates so I had to borrow a pair of my nephew’s hockey skates. Not quite the same as my figure skates…but I managed to skate all 12 km without a fall!

A mother and son moment…

Michael and I on the Rideau Canal with our matching winter hats

love our matching hats!

A day at the slopes at Calabogie Peaks with family was a little frigid!

Skiing at Calabogie Peaks Family Day Weekend 2013

The skies were blue, the sun was out but the wind…oh my, had my fingers, toes and face aching from the cold.

Even my camera froze up.

A glimpse of Matthew through my frozen lens

Love this shot of Matthew through the partly opened lens.

But I think the best of all was seeing my boys with their cousins and fathers out on my brother’s back rink.

All the boys taking a break from a game of hockey on my brother's outdoor rink

They practically lived out on the ice when we were all back at the house.

A father and son moment caught on film.

Father and son moment out on thebackyard rink

Family Day Weekend gives our family the opportunity to regroup as a family…take the time to be with family…enjoy all that Canada offers in the great outdoors.

New adventures and memories were created this weekend…I am truly thankful!

I hope you all enjoyed your Family Day Weekend with family.

My family skating on the Rideau Canal Family Day 2013

Cheers from The Food Allergy Chronicles!

P.S. Now I just have to come up with an adapted recipe for BeaverTails.

BeaverTail treat midway on the Rideau Canal Family Day 2013 (possibility of cross-contamination with peanut/tree nuts)

Unfortunately, my boys were unable to partake in the ritual of stopping for a BeaverTail midway due to the possible peanut/tree nut cross-contamination.

How did your family enjoy your Family Day?

8 thoughts on “Family Day From The Food Allergy Chronicles

    • Thank you for your kind words! This year has been one of the best Winterludes in years…I am so glad our family had the opportunity to experience it this year. Hopefully, you will be able to take in Ottawa’s Winterlude and tick skating the Rideau Canal off your list. 🙂

  1. That is a nice rink! Wow! I would love a long skate on a canal…I’m better at straight ahead than turns and such. Your pictures and the weather looked beautiful. Although I don’t love the cold, I am envious of the skating and ski opportunities you have up north. Hmm, how did a Bruins fan get in the family?

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