Dairy Free Strawberry Mousse

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching…this quick and easy Dairy Free Strawberry Mousse is an adaption of another one of my childhood favourites.

Dairy Free Strawberry Mousse for Valentine's Day

Topped with fresh stawberries…this light and creamy treat had Michael begging me to let him ‘dig in’!

“Oh, that looks soooo good…can I have some?”

With just two ingredients (not including the water)…this beautiful dessert ‘whips up’ in no time. Just the time it needs to set.

Topped with a chocolate covered strawberry…this would be the perfect dessert to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one with a dairy allergy.

Dairy Free Strawberry Mousse

Dairy Free Strawberry Mousse topped with fresh strawberries

1 85g package of strawberry jello
1 200 g carton of chilled Belsoy Creamer 

In a medium bowl, empty contents of strawberry jello package.
Pour 1 cup of boiling water over strawberry jello and stir until dissolved.
Refrigerate until cooled and slightly thickened.
In another medium sized bowl, pour 1 cup of the Belsoy Creamer.

Whipping Belsoy Creamer with hand emulsifier for Dairy Free Strawberry MousseWhip Belsoy with an electric beater or a hand emulsifier until light and bubbly.
Pour whipped Belsoy into the partly set jello.

Whipping jello and Belsoy Creamer together with hand emulsifier for Dairy Free Strawberry Mousse

Continue to whip using the electric beater or hand emulsifier until the Belsoy and jello are combined.
Pour into a decorative bowl or individual serving dishes.
Refrigerate until set.
Decorate top with fresh strawberries.


Enjoying a bowl of Dairy Free Strawberry Mousse topped with fresh strawberries for Valentine's Day

Michael loved it with the fresh strawberries mixed in to it…which has reminded me of another childhood favourite dessert to adapt…my best friend’s mother’s Strawberry Bavarian recipe.

Tip 1:  If the jello completely sets before you have had a chance to whip in the Belsoy Creamer…do not fret…just microwave the jello, stir to loosen and continue with the recipe. (This happened to me, so I know it will all still work out in the end)

Tip 2:  My mom always made this recipe with lime jello and decorated the edge of the bowl with chocolate sprinkles.

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