Ringing In The New Year, 2013 To New Opportunities

Happy New Year!

Ringing in the New Year, 2013

Ringing in the New Year…I am so ready for a fresh start! With family members, including myself, suffering from a chest infection that infiltrated our family…hence, my disappearance from the blogging world…I think we are all looking forward to a healthier New Year!

The New Year brings new recipes to adapt, new allergy friendly products to discover and my continuing to learn and grow in the world of food allergies.

My New Year’s resolution maintains the same…to be more organized in my life. I have many recipes, magazines and articles to sort through, decluttering of an impenetrable storage and pantry room, and many years worth of photos to organize and file…the list could go on.

Most of all…I need to organize the direction that my life is going.

I knew this day would eventually arrive…despite the fact that most of Michael’s baked goods and meals still need to be baked from scratch due to his multiple food allergies (dairy, egg, sesame, peanut/tree nuts, beef, fish, shellfish, mustard and raspberries) and Matthew has a peanut/tree nut allergy…my teenaged boys are becoming quite independent in the kitchen. An accomplishment I am truly proud of them for achieving.  

It is time for me to find new opportunities…where and what that is, I am unsure. It is a new journey for me to pursue. I hope that it will entail all that I have learned on my journey with food allergies, eczema and asthma. If it does not, I know that the journey that I have experienced thus far will always be with me ready to share with anyone who has the time to listen.

Changes in life are both exciting and anxiety producing…I hope to meet these challenges ahead of me with renewed optimism.

I thoroughly enjoy writing my blog, The Food Allergy Chronicles. My goal is to continue my blog while pursuing other avenues. Any suggestions are welcomed!

What does the New Year hold in store for you?

4 thoughts on “Ringing In The New Year, 2013 To New Opportunities

  1. (((Susan))) We had a sick household here as well… I was wondering about you!! I hope you’re all on the mend now!!

    As for new opportunities? What about a cookbook?! You are such an awesome baker/cook & are soo well versed with food allergies, etc… it seems easier now than ever to out out a book, (or an ebook?) I think you’d be amazing with something like this!!

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