My Boys New MedicAlert ID’s Arrived…Have You Heard Of Allerject?

The boys were in desperate need of new MedicAlert ID’s…Matthew had lost his MedicAlert bracelet and Michael had outgrown his MedicAlert bracelet.

What is MedicAlert Canada?

As stated on their website…MedicAlert Canada is for anyone with “a medical condition, allergies, chronic disease or special needs that should be known in an emergency.”

Also, MedicAlert Canada’s “24-Hour Emergency Hotline ensures your critical medical information is available to paramedics in just 5 seconds. The right information, at the right time – crucial to saving your life when seconds count.”

Click here for a link to MedicAlert Canada to learn more about the association and how to become a member.

I feel better knowing that my boys’ medical history follows them around…especially, as teenagers, when their time is not always spent in my presence.

Nana to the rescue! MedicAlert ID’s became the perfect birthday gift idea.

Michael decided to switch from a MedicAlert bracelet to a necklace…he chose The London Dog Tag with Silver Chain-Brushed on a 20 inch chain. Click here to view at MedicAlert Canada.

Matthew chose The Figaro Silver Bracelet. Click here to view at MedicAlert. Matthew liked the pattern on the chain…I liked the clasp. It seemed similar to the clasp on Michael’s MedicAlert bracelet…which, incidentally, never came undone.

The clasp on his previous MedicAlert bracelet (it was the one Matthew received from the No Child Without Program) was not very secure…it kept coming undone. Hence, his MedicAlert bracelet would continue to fall off which eventually led to it becoming permanently lost. Click here to see the type of clasp.

The No Child Without Program by the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, is a fabulous program. Matthew was fortunate that his school was selected for the program. Select schools are offered a free membership for children aged 4 to their 14th birthday. The Government of Canada and Lions Club financially support the program. Click here for a link to the No Child Without Program. Just be careful/aware of the clasp.

Michael chose his MedicAlert necklace way back in August…my procrastination led it to being ordered along with Matthew’s MedicAlert bracelet. Sorry Michael. So it happened that both the boys’ MedicAlert ID’s arrived in the mail on the very same day…this past Monday.

Oh happy day…the boys were thrilled when their MedicAlert Id’s arrived! The timing was perfect as Nana was still visiting.

The boys quickly tried them on…below is Michael wearing his MedicAlert ‘dog tag’.

Very cool!

Below is Matthew wearing his MedicAlert bracelet.

He loves it = he will wear it!

One cannot put a price on a ‘peace of mind’!

I have to say, my boys have never objected to wearing their MedicAlert ID’s. Explaining the importance of its presence on their body gave them no doubt that wearing a MedicAlert ID was a ‘smart choice’.

P.S. I just received my 2013 Winter Edition of Allergic Living Magazine. Inside I spied an advertisement for a new epinephrine auto-injector…Allerject. 

Allerject is a new device to administer epinephrine. It fits in the palm of your hand and has audio instructions. Click here for more information.

Allergic Living Magazine’s 2013 Winter Edition also has an article written by Mary Esselman, “The Auto-Injector That Talks”. The article discusses the 15 year journey that it took for a pair of 18-year-old allergic twin brothers conception of a small auto-injector that would fit inside a jeans pocket became a reality.

I showed the advertisement to the boys’ allergist on Monday…he was quite shocked that the Allerject was already being advertised. The Allergic Living Magazine article states, “The new auto-injector will be available for prescription in early 2013.”

Click here for an overview of the issues covered in the Winter 2013 Allergic Living Magazine.

My boys, liked the idea that the Allerject could fit inside their pant pocket…much more convenient and likely for them to have their epinephrine auto-injector at hand.

As the boys’ epi pens expire in April 2013…they became the first prescription that our allergist has written for the Allerject.

Have you heard of Allerject? What do you think of this new device?


10 thoughts on “My Boys New MedicAlert ID’s Arrived…Have You Heard Of Allerject?

    • Yes, thanks…the boys are very happy with their new MedicAlert ID’s. The Allerject is pretty cool…my boys are very interested in this latest version. I believe, the fact that the Allerject can fit in to his pant pocket is the selling feature for Michael.

  1. Wow…I had not heard of Allerject. I will check if it is in my new US edition of Allergic Living. There is not much productive info. online (with simple google search), but your blog came up in the first page. You are on the cutting edge Susan! Thanks for the info. It’s heartening to see advances coming along for our children. I just hope the US is keeping pace with this. Have a great visit with your friend.

  2. Ok, listen to this…the Allerject will be called Auvi-Q in the US, meaning audio-visual cues. I was fully perplexed at first. I get that, but I strongly feel it is more appropriate to have allergy- or epi- in the name for a person not as familiar with life-threatening allergies. What do you think?

  3. I’m also looking forward to the Allerject. The Epi-pen and Twinject are just so awkward to carry around because of the shape. At least the Allerject is a shape that can easily fit in a pocket or purse.

      • I’ve been trying to find out when in 2013 it will be available. I went to the pharmacist today to ask, and he said that they have not received any notifications of its imminent release in Canada. I was trying to find the DIN number so I could see if it would be covered in my Medical play.

        I even decided to write about it on my blog about dining out with allergies:

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