Decluttering…finding new homes for the boys’ toys

Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily has, once again, inspired me to undertake the most dreaded of tasks…decluttering. It seems to be a never-ending process.

This time I decided to tackle the boys’ basement toys…a.k.a the boys’ ‘toy box’ (the Ikea storage unit).

Ikea Toy Storage

Lego, K’Nex, toy cars, a collection of super balls, games, puzzles, etc. all came under scrutiny. (this is the storage unit all cleaned up)

As the boys and I worked our way through the toys, two people came to mind that might be interested in becoming a ‘second home’ for some of the toys…Carla’s daughters @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily and my neighbour, Joanna’s son @ That Thing I Made.

Carla home school’s her girls…the perfect home for some of the boys’ educational toys…Junior Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit DVD for Kids, BrainQuest, Klutz Kwiz Kindergarten launch, Skip Bo Junior, and Leap Frog Twist and Shout Addition, and an Apple Pie Fraction Game…are all fun interactive, educational games.

An assortment of games, educational toys and super ballsI added in a collection of super balls, the game of Perfection, and some Yes and No Invisible Ink Game Books. I am so happy to have all these great games go to such a wonderful home!

 Joanna was happy to make room for the Lego, K’Nex, the assortment of toy cars, trucks, plastic animals, and flashcards. Her son, Tristan, was happy with the cars…he had fun playing with my boys as Joanna and I worked our way through the assortment of toys.

A bag of toy trucks and toys

Best of all…she took the ‘toy box’ to store them all in!

I was very happy to receive some freshly picked garlic from Joanna’s garden that her husband had just unearthed. This prompted Joanna to remember the leaves she had dried from an edible flowering plant in her garden she wanted me to try…Pineapple Sage.

Garlic from the garden and dried Pineapple Sage leaves

Apparently, one can brew dried PIneapple Sage leaves to make a winter tea. Click here for more information. Has anyone ever tried it?

As Carla lives nowhere near my neighbourhood,  you may be wondering how I will manage to get everything to Carla’s girls. Luckily, Carla lives on the way to my mom’s home.

I am excited to be able to tie in a quick visit tomorrow on my way to a ‘girl’s weekend’ with my mom.

P.S. I have a special surprise ‘edible gift’ for Carla and the girls. Stay tuned for Friday’s reveal.

P.P.S. I also have a little something for Carla’s eldest daughter…as most of the educational games and toys will be a bit too young for her to enjoy.

Mystery gift

Can you guess what it is? I won it at the 2012 Epi Pen Take Action Event…my boys were fascinated by it! Click here for our experience at the event this year.

Do you have a basement filled with outgrown toys like I did?


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