Michael Celebrates His Sweet Sixteenth…Cottage Style

Of course, one of my happiest days at the rented cottage…being able to celebrate Michael’s Sweet 16th birthday!

Dairy, Egg and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Vanilla Cupcakes and Sweet 16 Birthday Cards

It is so hard to believe that my baby is now 16 years old…old enough to learn to drive a car!

As a young mother, with a son with severe eczema, multiple food allergies and asthma,  I dreamed of this day! Dreamed of a time where he would be free of eczema, in control of his asthma…living a ‘normal’ kid’s life! (I have always explained to my boys that there is no such thing as ‘normal’, as everyone struggles with one thing or another in their lifetime. How one deals with the challenges that one is presented with, will build their character. Strive to do/be your best…builds good character. Improve upon who you are rather than fousing on the ‘supposed normal’)

I am still dreaming of the day that his multiple food allergies start to dwindle…until then I am pleased with the progress that he and I have made negotiating our way through this ‘crazy maze’ of living with multiple food allergies.

I am so proud of my son for ‘trailblazing’ his way through the school system, taking ownership of his multiple food allergies and his new-found creativity in the kitchen!

It literally brings tears to my eyes knowing that my dreams have come true for my son!

Back at the cottage…Michael was up, surprisingly early, to open his cards…dockside!

Michael opening up his birthday cards on the boat

The boys enjoyed an early lunch before they set off for a round of 18 holes at a nearby golf course. While I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon by the water.

On their way back, they stopped and picked up their friend William. His father had driven him part way and was waiting at a prearranged meeting spot. The boys were super excited to be sharing the rest of their cottage stay with their good friend! The timing was perfect!

On the menu for the birthday boy’s special birthday dinner…Bruschetta to start followed by Andy’s famous Chicken Wings, French Fries and Fresh Corn on the Cob!

Birthday dinner Chicken Wings, French Fries and Cob of Corn

I pulled out the chicken wings in the morning to dethaw. Upon Andy’s arrival back from their afternoon of golf, he started to prepare the wings while the boys husked the corn. Click here for the recipe. As William and Andy like their wings a little ‘spicier’…he made a separate batch with extra hot sauce.

Once the wings were doused in the sauce, Andy finished them off on the barbecue while the french fries baked in the oven. (I just have to add that, while Andy did all the barbecuing, one must imagine him being dive bombed by little chickadees!)

Andy's famous Chicken Wings

It was a chicken wing feast!

William and his family enjoyed a family vacation to Italy this summer. He presented Michael with a little something from the trip for his birthday…can you guess?

Michael was ‘over the moon’!

Michael's very own extra virgin olive oil straight from Italy

His very own bottle of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil…liquid gold!

A friend of ours was up at his cottage on the same lake. He and his 16-year-old son joined us for the evening bonfire and requisite singing a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ complete with Dairy, Egg and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Vanilla Cupcakes!

Michael blowing out the candles on his Dairy, Egg and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Vanilla Cupcakes

Being at the cottage was the perfect setting for the event…it meant Michael could officially drive the boat!

Michael legally driving the boat

He was in his element!

I believe this will be one birthday he will surely always remember!


2 thoughts on “Michael Celebrates His Sweet Sixteenth…Cottage Style

  1. I am so proud of Michael too!!! Gosh, he looks so handsome and confident in the photos. A real credit to his parents he is, for sure. It is a priviledge to know him and have him in our lives. Happy 16th Michael!!! God bless you.

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