The Food Allergy Chronicles Visits The Original Albert’s

A trip to my hometown is not complete without a trip to the Original Albert’s!

A collage of Albert's Rolling Lunch history

Of all the chip trucks under the bridge…Albert’s was tops!

Although Albert’s can no longer be found in a chip truck under the bridge…believe when I say…it is very worth the little drive up the road to their store location!

Indulging in a plate or box of Albert’s fries under the bridge is a tradition that I am pleased to be able to continue with my boys despite their food allergies!

Fries from the Original Albert's

Nothing is fried along with the fries…nor are the fry tongs used for anything else but the fries…safe for Michael and his dairy, beef, peanut/tree nut, egg, shellfish, seafood, sesame, mustard and raspberry allergies.

Canada Day was the perfect day to head to Albert’s for our first plate of fries of the summer!

Enjoyng their plates of Albert's fries under the bridge

Sitting on the rocks under the bridge watching the sailboats, motor boats and the tankers take on the currents of the St. Clair River is always a thrill!

The timing on this sailboat’s passing on Canada Day was priceless!

Boys standing under the bridge as a Canadian Flag sailboat sails by

My husband, Andy’s, arrival this weekend, had the boys itching to get to the bridge for more fries. One does not need to ‘twist’ Andy’s arm for a trip to Albert’s!

Adding salt and vinegar to Albert's plates of fries

The boys love being able to shake on more salt, pick up their ketchup and/or spray on some vinegar.

Unfortunately, sitting under the bridge to enjoy their fries was not in the cards! Sunday afternoon was filled with back to back storms rolling in…no worries!

The boys enjoying their plates of Albert's fries in the car

The fries tasted just as good inside the car looking out at the storm!


3 thoughts on “The Food Allergy Chronicles Visits The Original Albert’s

  1. I had to laugh…we just had a debate at a restaurant on our vacation…did fish and “chips” mean fries with the fish…of course I knew it did but my boys were sure they would get potato chips. So when I read “chips” I was intrigued… After all some words and phrases seem a teeny bit different up north! What fun to still be able to visit and have their chips-I love the old time places. Glad the kids can enjoy them! Thanks for the reminders on frying oil-I found out an Asian place we have gone to cooks cashews in their oil! I feel we have been taking unknown (but now realized!) chances with Chinese and Thai places that I thought understood our needs. It is disappointing to have to eliminate favorite places.

    • I know we took some chances with oil when the kids were younger as I did not realize the oil could become contaminated. It has since eliminated many fries from restaurants…it is, therefore, such a treat for Michael to go to Albert’s…frankly, the best fries going! I have found another restaurant near to our home that uses 3 fryers for the fries. After explaining Michael’s food allergies, they offered to fry his fries just in the first fryer that only ever has fries in it…it truly pays to call ahead and speak to someone in the kitchen! We have yet to go…need to put it on the list of restaurants to try.

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