The Food Allergy Chronicles Visits Purdy’s Fish Market

Purdy’s Fisheries is a local family fishery that has been fishing out of Lake Huron for four generations.

On some mornings, if you are up early enough, you may be lucky enough to see their tug boat pulling in their nets.

Purdy's Fisheries tug boat out on Lake Huron hauling in the catch of the day

As a child, I can remember trips to Purdy’s Fish Market to pick up our fresh fish for dinner. The smell of the fresh fish hitsyou as soon as you opened the door…their latest catch displayed in plastic bins behind glass.

It would be ‘luck of the draw’ on what ‘the catch’ would be in any given day. Over the years we have learned to call ahead and have our fish put aside if our heart was set on one particular type of fish for dinner that night. Fresh fish can go fast round these parts!

Purdy’s Fisheries made the headlines when Chef Lynn Crawford visited their business in May 2011 for her show Pitchin’ In.

Earlier this year, my husband, Andy, happened to be watching The Food Network, when the Purdy’s episode on Lynn Crawford’s, Pitchin’ In, came on.

I felt so proud to see our local fishery being highlighted! I couldn’t wait to visit them myself this summer!

My boys and nephews have grown up watching Purdy’s tug boat chugging along and stopping to haul in their catch…a visit to Purdy’s Fish Market was in order!

Boys visiting Purdy's Market for their fish supper

I  called Purdy’s Fish Market on Tuesday morning, to find out what was available…our lucky day…

Fresh local Pickerel, Perch and Lake Trout at Purdy's Market

Pickerel, Perch and Lake Trout!

Our first Purdy’s Fish Supper…two big fillets of Lake Trout.

Now, you may be wondering about Michael…he has a fish allergy. Obviously, he did not be partake in the fish supper. So how did I manage dealing with his fish allergy whilst preparing our ‘fish supper’ and his ‘fishless supper’?

Very carefully!

Let me explain:  Whenever I prepare a meal which involves one of Michael’s food allergens, I am extremely careful about cross-contamination…that is, making sure that any of Michael’s food allergens are kept from contaminating Michael’s food.

Avoiding cross-contamination means clean hands, using separate cooking utensils, pots/pans, cutting boards, etc. and timing. I always set the table and prepare any food that Michael will be eating before I start preparing any food with his food allergens.

For example, our fish supper meal:  I saved a piece of Dairy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Buttermilk Chicken, from the night before, as his main source of protein. I made a pot of rice, plain quinoa, quinoa cooked with chicken stock and set up the peas to be cooked in the microwave for us all to share. Once all these preparations were established, I started with the fish.

Preparing the Fish: I covered a baking sheet with foil and placed the two fillets on top. I disposed of the packaging and thoroughly washed my hands. I then drizzled freshly squeezed lemon juice over the fillets, and sprinkled them with kosher salt and pepper. On one fillet, I topped it with freshly chopped parsley and chives and drizzled both fillets with extra virgin olive oil.

Local Lake Trout from Purdy's Fish Market ready for the oven

The fillets were baked at 450 F for 20 minutes.

Baked local Lake Trout from Purdy's Market


Serving Dinner: Michael warmed up his Dairy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Buttermilk Chicken in the microwave, and served himself some rice, quinoa and peas. Once he was finished, I plated the fish, rice/quinoa and peas for the boys.

My nephew's very happy fish supper

My nephew’s very happy fish supper!

At the end of the meal, after bringing their plates to the dishwasher, the boys knew to thoroughly wash their hands. The plates and utensils were carefully rinsed of all fish residue and placed in the dishwasher.

Another cross-contamination free successful meal!

My amazing Lake Trout from Purdy's Fish Market

Delish! I enjoyed it cold the next day too!

Tip: Another must try…Purdy’s Smoked Lake Trout and/or Smoked Salmon…oh my gosh…truly amazing!

P.S. Next visit…Perch!

Question: How do you avoid cross-contamination issues when preparing meals with food allergens?


4 thoughts on “The Food Allergy Chronicles Visits Purdy’s Fish Market

  1. Wow, That looks very delicious, can’t wait to eat some fresh purdy’s pickerel next week. See ya tomorrow,

    • The boys and I were hoping you would make your famous ‘Perch Packets’ on the grill! Raid our garden for lots of dill, oregano, basil and rosemary! See you soon!

  2. I’ve been envious of all your beach pictures lately! You are so lucky to live in a gorgeous place. I grew up in New England, near the coast. I haven’t smelled that super strong fish smell in years! I think I almost did as I read this.

    • I am back in my hometown, which is on Lake Huron. I never realized until I left how much I love the sound, smell and sight of water! It is so calming, peaceful and therapeutic! Heavenly! New England is such a beautiful place…I can see why you would miss it!

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