The Food Allergy Chronicles Asks, “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

Flowers in my garden 2012Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.
by Mother Goose

Gosh, I can remember my mother reading to me this nursery rhyme as a child…I hear it play in my head every time I head out to my own garden.

Over the years, working in the garden has been such a great stress reliever for me. There is just something about getting outside in the fresh air in your grubbiest of clothing, pulling on a pair of gardening gloves and mucking about in the dirt that gives me enormous pleasure.

I can take out all my frustrations on the weeds and deadheading of flowers…

Day Lily in my garden, 2012

then step back and reap all the visual rewards!

Perennials rule in my garden…Shasta Daisies, Black Eyed Susan’s, Iris, Siberian Iris, Day Lilies, Lavender, Trailing Geraniums, Snow In Summer, and Peonies…are some of my all-time favourites!

Peony handed down from my husband's grandmother's garden

I can’t tell you how much pleasure this Peony has given me…perhaps just knowing it has been passed down from Andy’s grandmother’s garden…to his mother’s garden…into our own…truly a family heirloom!

Even on my darkest days of past…tending my garden was an easy escape. Nurturing my garden…nurtured my ‘spirit’. Watching my garden grow…helped me to ‘blossom’.

When my boys were young, they also got in on the act…they would walk around with their own little watering can…taking particular care as they followed me around watering the flowers...I loved it!

As with all my recipes, my flowers all have stories. Over the years, I have collected many of them from various neighbours, friends and family members.

Take for instance, the top photo…a neighbour was adding a patio and needed her flowers to be moved…I happily obliged. Her flowers are enjoying their stay in their new location…so much so they have multiplied…plenty to share back with my neighbour when she is ready! (not a hundred per cent sure what their names are…do you?)

The second photo is a Day Lily from my mother’s garden, the third, the Peony from my mother-in-law’s garden via her mother’s garden and these beauties…

My climbing rose bush in my neighbours garden, 2012

well, this beautiful Climbing Rose used to be in my garden (along with another).

I had not anticipated the amount of work involved with Climbing Roses…I purchased them before I had my boys. Once my attentions were diverted from my garden by the ‘chaos’ in my household…I just didn’t have the time to tend to my ‘beauties’.

Luckily, my next door neighbours were pros at tending Climbing Roses…I offered my two ‘unruly monsters’ (rose bushes)…in return, I was presented with some of their overpopulated Iris’s! (not picture worthy as they have already finished blooming)

My climbing rose bushes may not be in my garden…but I can still enjoy their beauty from my side of the fence!

My first experiences with a vegetable garden started when we bought our house…it came with a raised bed already set up on the south side of the house! Perfect!

Andy’s father has always tended a garden…he was able to give us many helpful hints! Now, 17 odd years later, we are still at it…with much experimenting and learning along the way!

This years big adventure in our vegetable garden includes asparagus!

I am sooo excited!

First asparagus growing from the 'crown' roots (just planted this spring 2012)

Apparently, there is a lot to learn about growing asparagus! I checked out the Canadian Gardening site for some tips. I just planted the ‘crown’ (the straggly looking brown roots)this spring...asparagus shoots are already starting to grow…I will let the asparagus run it’s course…then have my first harvest next year! Can’t wait!

Other new adventures in the garden this year are Swiss Chard and Hot Peppers.

I am hoping my neighbour/friend will show me how she ties her hot peppers all together to hang to dry…so cool!

Swiss Chard and Hot Pepper plants in my garden, 2012

Swiss Chard has always grown in my father-in-law’s garden…one taste and I fell in love! So excited to be finally growing it ourselves!

Zucchini is also a newcomer to our garden.

Zuchinni in our garden, 2012

Too early for the zucchini flowers…they are sooo beautiful…apparently edible too!

Rounding out the garden…or should I say…taking over the garden are tomatoes!

Tomatoes growing in our garden, 2012

Oh, how we love our fresh garden tomatoes…I especially love the cherry tomatoes…I consider them ‘garden candy’ !

What is a garden without fresh herbs to compliment all the fresh veggies!

Our herb garden, 2012

Three different types of Basil, Parsley, Chives, Garlic Chives, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme and plenty of Dill! The Dill seems to be taking over! Can you spy the Bloody Sorrel and the Borage from my neighbour, Joanna@ That Thing I Made?

Container gardening is a great option if one is limited with their garden. My mother grows all her tomatoes, herbs and strawberries in containers…her only issue is getting to her produce before the ‘little critters’ do! Click here and scroll down to view.

Patience, trial and error, and lots of love are the ‘ingredients’ for our garden…it’s one of my ‘feel-good therapy’ sessions.

As the season progresses, I am looking forward to reaping all the ‘fruits of our labour’ with our allergy friendly veggies and herbs over the summer months!

So how does your garden grow?

P.S. I will be checking out our local farmer’s market for the first time today…excited to see what is ‘ripe for the picking’!

P.P.S. I really want to plant garlic in the fall for next season…my father-in-law has had success with his crop…I just keep forgetting!


2 thoughts on “The Food Allergy Chronicles Asks, “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

    • Thank you! Every year we give it a try…are tomoatoes are always a winner! We’ll just have to wait and see how the others do…that is the exciting part of it all! Every year it is a new adventure in the garden!

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