Satisfying The Insatiable Hunger Of My Growing Teenaged Son With Multiple Food Allergies’

What does a mother do when her teenaged son with multiple food allergies arrives home from school ‘starving’…”Mom…what is there to eat?”

This happens to me on a daily basis.

Take for instance the other day:

After school, Michael sat at the kitchen table munching on some Rosemary Crackers all the while, pondering on what to eat next. I am forever suggesting fruit, so he wandered over to the fridge and selected an orange and proceeded to slice and devour it. Next came the opening and closing of cupboards followed by the hanging on to the open fridge door as he perused the contents.

I made a few more suggestions but only got the ‘look’. He then moaned, “I need something to Eeeeeat!”

“Is there any meat other than ham?” he asked. “Unfortunatley….no.” I responded.

Wouldn’t you know I was behind in the bread making that day…tsk tsk…as the dough was still rising…so that left out a sandwich of some kind or toast.

Living with multiple food allergies (dairy, egg, beef, sesame, fish, shellfish, peanut/tree nuts, mustard and raspberries), does not leave a lot of room for too many ready to eat pre-packaged processed food for the severely hunger teenager that needs food ‘right away’.

Then it hit him… his face lit up…“How about I fry the ham?” he exclaimed.

Michael’s creativeness in the kitchen was hatched! All of a sudden he was flying about the kitchen…”Which pan should I use? I think I will cut up the ham.”

While cutting up the ham I suggested he may perhaps like a bit of onion sautéed alongside the ham…out came an onion. “Do we have any mushrooms?” …out came the mushrooms. With a drizzle of olive oil, some salt and pepper the whole house started to smell very good indeed!

Even Matthew got in on the action…stirring up the ham and onion as Michael prepared the mushrooms to add to the frying pan.

Matthew and Michael busy in the kitchen

The question then turned to how he was going to serve his ‘concoction’…over some penne…so out came the pot to get some water boiling.

I must say, it was all quite amusing to watch the events unfold one step at a time.

‘Michael’s Masterpiece’

Michael's Ham, Onion and Mushroom Saute over Penne

A very satisfying bowl of Ham, Onion and Mushroom Saute over Penne!

Michael enjoying his 'masterpiece snack'

What will my ‘budding chef’ come up with next?

Michael bbqing his hotdogs for a snack

Barbecued hot dogs with my homemade buns…apparantly he did not fix himself a very satisfying lunch!

Learning to prepare quick, healthy allergen friendly dishes may take a bit of extra work…but the experience both Michael and Matthew are learning in the kitchen will serve them well down the road.

Tip: This was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to Michael the proper way to peel and chop an onion. I love how he remembered how to peel and de-stem the mushrooms.

Question: Do your children enjoy being creative in the kitchen? What sorts of ‘masterpieces’ have they created?

                                               HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


4 thoughts on “Satisfying The Insatiable Hunger Of My Growing Teenaged Son With Multiple Food Allergies’

  1. ah!! My son has almost the same allergies as yours..and just hit 14 and has a burgeoning interest in food. So glad to hear your tale!! I am determined that my son be able to cook all his food before he moves away…

    Love love love that the boys found some good eats with little prompting from mom!

    • Hi Candace! Thank you for sharing! I know…it is so exciting to watch the process of creativity in the kitchen with my boys! A little of this…a little of that…so much fun!

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