My Grandchild Has Been Diagnosed With A Food Allergy: Familiarizing Oneself With An Epi Pen

A generation ago, food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances were pretty much unheard of…

This post is dedicated to all those grandparents out there that may be feeling a bit ‘lost’ in the world of food allergies.

If your grandchild has been diagnosed with a food allergy, chances are they have been prescribed an EpiPen by their allergists.

This EpiPen will be the first line of action in the case of an anaphylactic reaction. It is, therefore, imperative, that anyone with a food allergy or allergies with the potential of an anaphylactic reaction, carry an EpiPen with them at all times.

Depending on the age of your grandchild, the EpiPen will be carried on your grandchild and/or by a reliable person trained in the administration of an EpiPen.

What if that reliable person needs to be you?

Click here to read the rest of my post at The Grandparent’s Guide. A site dedicated to assisting grandparents to connect and learn with and through their grandchildren.

The Grandparent’s Guide offers ideas for crafts, activities, recipes, events and insights for being a grandparent at every stage…from baby to teens…with a special section for Zoomers and Boomers!

The Food Allergy Chronicles is happy to offer some insights for grandparents who have grandchildren with food allergies.

P.S. Did you know May is Food Allergy Awareness Month? Click here to read Anaphylaxis Canada’s community events planned this month to help raise awareness.


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