Freshly Picked Garden Asparagus Saute

While on my latest visit to my mom’s, a unique opportunity presented itself to me…imagine my delight when my mom’s friend asked us if we minded cutting the asparagus in the vegetable garden whilst away. Apparantly, it was ripe for the ‘picking’!

Aspargus grows straight up from the ground! I know…how cool is that!

Asparagus ready to pick in the garden

Mind? Are you kidding me! I have never in my life witnessed asparagus growing in someones garden. Let alone picked it…or should I say, snapped or cut it straight from the stalk right out from the ground.

As we were cutting each stalk of asparagus, one could smell it’s fresh sweet scent.

Freshly picked asparagus

What an experience to remember!

My mother’s experiences with fresh asparagus ‘stem’ from her childhood. She remembers asparagus growing in her mother’s vegetable garden. She explained, in the morning, her mother would ask her to cut some asparagus for lunch and my mother would reply, “But the asparagus is barely out of the ground!” “Not to worry”, my grandmother would reply, “it will be ready for lunch!” …and she was right! Apparantly, asparagus grows very quickly. Also, if you keep covering it up as it grows…it will stay white.

The best part of this first-time experience…my mom and I got to take home our ‘stash’ and cook it up that night for dinner!

Freshly picked asparagus for our dinner

Check out the different widths of the asparagus…the thicker ones were much sweeter!

OH MY GOSH! If you have never tasted freshly picked asparagus…let me just say it is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!

In order to highlight the sweet fresh taste of asparagus, my mom and I decided on a simple saute with sugar snap peas, garlic, dried red chili flakes and seasoned with a little salt and pepper.

Freshly picked asparagus and sugar snap pea saute


The perfect accompaniment to Spicy Scallops and Quinoa.

Freshly picked Asparagus and Sugar Snap Pea saute served with Spicy Scallops and Quinoa


I have many great memories of visiting our local farmer’s market as a child…farm fresh brown eggs, apples, peaches, little yellow plums, tomatoes, and potatoes…were some of my childhood favourites. I also distinctly remember my mother purchasing freshly pressed peanut butter…our family was the only family I knew that did not buy the store bought brands of peanut butter…do you know it is the only peanut butter I like to this day!

I am so excited May is finally here…our city’s farmer’s market runs every Wednesday from May to October. This Wednesday will be my first visit…I wonder what will be available. Hopefully some fresh asparagus!

Fruits and vegetables freshly picked from a farmer’s field taste nothing like what one gets shipped in to the grocery stores. I brought some freshly picked asparagus home to taste test it with the store bought…I think Michael was ‘blown’ away with how crisp and sweet the freshly picked asparagus tasted in comparison.

I love supporting our local farmer’s…we ‘taste the benefits’ at our dinner table!

Fresh ingredients = fresh tasting dishes!

Fresh rhubarb growing in the garden

Look at all that rhubarb!

Do you like to visit your local farmer’s market?

P.S. Soon it will be time to plant our garden…fresh tomatoes, onions, herbs…I hope to plant some asparagus this fall for our own ‘windfall’ of one of springs best offerings! What will you be planting this spring?


10 thoughts on “Freshly Picked Garden Asparagus Saute

  1. Hi Susan,
    What a treat! Tom has told me stories of picking asparagus from his mom’s garden as a boy. He told me that, on a sunny day, you can actually see it grow! She has a much smaller garden these days, and no longer grows asparagus, but I always love when we get to eat the vegetables she grows.

  2. Susan, I want to reach into my screen and try the fresh asparagus also! What a treat. Glad you had a good visit. I have one nearby farmer’s market…just have to make time to get there on Tuesdays. Otherwise, we have many other good markets on Wednesdays, but that is my long work day unfortunately…Saturdays are just hard for me to travel to a market with all the weekend activities. Maybe I can make more time this year! I think it will be a good year for the market after a wet spring overall (but hopefully not too wet!). I will be on the lookout for asparagus now 🙂

  3. I was shocked when my girlfriend’s mother told me she successfully grew asparagus in her back yard (we’re in Northern Ontario) that in combination with your post today, totally has me thinking about giving it a try! We do shop from local farmers as much as we can, a lot more expensive, but very much worth it for the health benefits and the sustainability aspects.

    I have a question, does fresh pressed peanut butter taste the same as the all natural pb you can buy in stores?

    • Hi Toni! I like to think that in the long run, the health benefits of eating fresh, local nutritional food will be worth it! I have to admit, with my boys having peanut/tree nut allergies I have not had the pleasure of eating the freshly pressed peanut butter in a long while. From what I can remember, it is very thick and a bit grainier but then I love crunchy peanut butter! I would give it a try and compare.

  4. Oh yum!!! I have a bag of asparagus in my fridge tat you can bet will be cooked like ths tomorrow!! Yum! 🙂 Can’t wait! I love fresh & local! Definitely the way to go!!

    • I sure hope I can find some local asparagus at the farmer’s market…I am looking forward to the day our farmer’s market opens…fresh and local = yummy!

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