Grandparents Guide: What Does The Easter Bunny Leave For Children With Food Allergies?: Part 1

Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner!

The Easter Bunny will be busy creating Easter Eggs for his annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Oh my gosh…there he is! Quick…grab the camera! He must be on his break!

Allergy Friendly Easter Bunny siting 2012

Every year, without fail, the Easter Bunny has been sighted in our backyard. Much to the delight of my boys…cementing the legend of the Easter Bunny forever!

What does the Easter Bunny leave for children with food allergies?

I know this question played in the minds of my two boys at this time of year. I would reassure them that the ‘Easter Bunny just knows…just you wait and see!’

Sure enough, Easter morning would arrive. There, on the table, sitting with their ready-to-go Easter baskets, would be a letter from the Easter Bunny explaining their Easter Egg Hunt for that year.

Each child had a certain number of coloured eggs and sizes to find throughout a designated area of the house. When their basket filled up, they would dump them on the kitchen table only to then dash back out to finish their quest.

Upon opening their treasured plastic eggs they would find all sorts of ‘treats.‘ Perhaps not what one would expect to find in an Easter Egg…but then again, these were not just your every day Easter Eggs!

To read more of my story on Allergy Friendly Easter Eggs…click here…and hop on over to the Grandparents Guide.


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