My March Challenge Update: Sale Finds, Bedroom Switcheroo, Organizing and 1/2 Marathon Training

March is practically over and I realized I have not updated my March Decluttering Challenge from Carla’s My 1/2 Dozen Daily.

What with planning for our March Break ski trip to Stowe, Vermont and my training for the 1/2 Marathon in May…time is just flying by!

Excuses aside…here is my update.

Financial: I managed to take advantage of some sales for our March purchases:

1) Michael was in desperate need of some jeans…found 3 pairs on sale in Burlington, Vermont…a savings of over $150! These will then be passed down to Matthew. Double duty!
2) I had a gift certificate to Eddie Bauer (leftover from Christmas) and a 25% off coupon…I purchased a blouse that was already on sale…I only had to pay $1.80 difference! A savings of over $70 from the original price!
3) Andy, Michael and I all needed new runners…Andy and I for our 1/2 Marathon and Michael because he is just starting his running routine. All pairs were bought for $80 each! A savings of over $150 in total!

Our new runners!

Decluttering Challenge: Bedroom Switcheroo

The bedrooms have been switched for a while now…it was just a matter of finding the time to take a picture of them without any clutter.

Our new guest bedroom set up with Michael’s bedroom furniture.

new guest bedroom set up

Matthew’s new bedroom has his twin beds set up as a bunk bed.

Matthew's twin beds set up as bunk beds

Michael’s desk and shelving unit now fit in perfectly. He just needs a chair.

Michael's desk and shelving unit now in Matthew's bedroom

Michael’s new bedroom has the guest bedroom furniture and double bed.

Michael has the guest room double bed and furniture

Talk about recycling…this was my bedroom furniture when I was growing up! We are going to repaint it all white with the back of the shelving unit painted red…Michael’s favourite colour.

Guest bedroom furniture in Michael's bedroom was once mine.

We had to compromise…he wanted it all red!

I have to be honest…my organization of recipes from magazine and newspaper clippings has gone untouched so far this month.

I will try to focus my attention on clarifying this oversight this week…my dining room area is really becoming an eyesore!

Training for my 1/2 Marathon in May is coming along nicely. I ran my long run yesterday…the farthest I have ever run in my entire life…approximately 15 km!

On Friday, Andy and I attended a talk on Nutrition Tips For Runners by Miranda Gibson held at my his gym at work.

Very inciteful!

I ran out and purchased some Vita Coco coconut water to drink after my runs to replenish my electrolytes. Not my favourite…but it does the job!

Both Andy and I tried a sample of Miranda’s homemade ‘Orange Energy Gels’ on our long runs yesterday. We both felt its benefits!  I am looking forward to making a batch for this weeks runs. I just might switch it up for a chocolate flavour! Yummy!

P.S. Easter is just around the corner…I have been busy writing up some Food Allergy related Easter posts for The Grandparent Guide…to be posted soon.

Update: Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily has a great give away with one of her fabulous creations! A ‘Hexie Pouch’…a beautifully hand crafted, quilted little bag popping in spring colours…inside and out! Click here to check it out. 


4 thoughts on “My March Challenge Update: Sale Finds, Bedroom Switcheroo, Organizing and 1/2 Marathon Training

  1. Susan…your trip looked fabulous. Very jealous here…I learned to ski in New Hampshire, but now live far from there. I finally got my first blog post up…now I need to work on photography 🙂
    Here it is…

    Oh, and I’m so excited that your son with asthma is trying out running. I have hopes for my little guy too! Here’s hoping the spring allergy season does not get any of us down!


  2. You found great deals on the jeans & shoes!! Glad you got yourself new shoes! When you’re running marathons you can’t really wear shoes that have all the support used up! 😉 The rooms all look fabulous, Susan!! I think I’d die of embarrassment to post pics of my sons room online… lol! I hope you’ll share the links to your articles when they’re up!

    • Hi Carla! If you could see my eldest son’s room now…not picture worthy! lol Will definitely be sharing my links to the Grandparents Guide for my Easter posts.

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