Cross-Contamination Series: Day 4 in Stowe, Vermont

Well, today’s family ski day was all about the fog and sun…and the best day skiing of our four days!

skiing in sunny skies at Stowe Vermont

This is the before picture with the fog…yes, we had to ski down to the left…that was our view!

skiing in the fog

This is after the fog cleared…which was not until after lunch!

skiing after the fog lifted in Stowe, Vermont

Despite the fog…the snow was great and we all enjoyed the skiing.

The boys got in some jumps…here is Matthew.

Matthew on his ski jump

Wow…look at Michael!

Michael on his ski jump at Stowe Vermont

Amazing how much the boys skiing improved over the course of a few days!

We ended the day with our apres ski cocktail…on the sunny deck!

Our apres ski cockatails on the deck at Stowe, Vermont

With the sun out…how could we resist!

We stayed a little later at the ski hill and then took in some apres shopping.

We have decided to take advantage of the fact we still have enough tasty leftovers for dinner tonight. We will attempt our dinner out another time.

I had forgotten there were Chicken Fajita leftovers…so I enjoyed that last night while the others had Spaghetti. Tonight is a mixture of Pork Bourguignon and Spaghetti…we will have to fight over the last two pieces of Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Apple Pie.

Boys watched Lord of the Rings last night and have picked up the next one for tonight.

Off to an early start tomorrow as we head home. Hope to stop and do some bargain shopping before we hit the border!

As Matthew stated many times…”This is the most awesome trip ever!”

When you have food allergies…it’s not about the food…it’s all about the experience!

This has definitely been an adventure to remember!

P.S. Click here for an overview of our trip.

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