Cross-Contamination Series: Day 3 in Stowe, Vermont

Our third day on our family vacation to Stowe, Vermont we experienced an assortment of weather systems.

Love this group shot of us all!

group shot on the slopes at Stowe, Vermont

Note the beautiful sky!

Next thing we new, the clouds moved in and we were in a dense fog!

andy and michael in the dense fog at Stowe Vermont

I have to admit…it was pretty scary skiing! Everything was white on white…very hard to discern where the moguls were…so I took it very slowly till we were at a lower elevation and the fog cleared.

Our wacky weather then moved in to rain…which quickly turned in to big fluffy snowflakes the higher we ventured on the ski lift.

andy and I in the blizzard at Stowe, Vermont

Now we are skiing in a blizzard until we skied in to the lower rain system.

The snow, well let’s just say it was like skiing in ‘sticky mashed potatoes’….really…I kid you not!

It did not deter the boys from the ‘Terrain Parks’  where all the jumps and tricks can be performed. They are all watching my nephew headed for the jump.

our group watching my nephew head for a jump at Stowe, Vermont

I am still working on getting the perfect shots of Michael and Matthew on the jumps…tomorrow is my last shot!

Finished the day with our apres ski cocktail…Burlington, Vermont’s very own Switchback Ale for Andy and a for me, Newcastle Brown Ale.

andy and I enjoying our apres ski cocktail at Stowe, Vermont

After our day on the slopes, Shelley and family headed back home. We are back to our ‘little cabin in the woods’. Boys are enjoying a hot tub to ease the muscles and I am enjoying myself here in the lobby warming myself by the fire with a hot green tea!

Dinner is all about the leftovers…I think I am feeling like a hearty bowl of Pork Bourguignon. There may even be enough for tomorrow’s dinner.  We are enjoying our ‘cabin’ experience so much…we may just forgo our night out.

The hotel has free movies…we are hoping to be able to choose one we all would like to watch for tonight. We can break out the hot air popcorn maker I brought.  A little spritz with a canola spray…a sprinkling of salt…yummy!

The whole family is now in the lobby…me on my computer…the boys are behind me playing a game of chess and Andy is on the complimentary computer.

boys playing a game of chess in the lobby in Stowe, Vermont

Good times!

P.S. Click here for the next post on our trip.


3 thoughts on “Cross-Contamination Series: Day 3 in Stowe, Vermont

  1. Not being able to see my hand in front of my face would be a bit scary to me too.. especially when I was headed downhill! lol! Love the pic of you & hubby together! Cheers!!

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