Cross-Contamination Series: Day 2 in Stowe, Vermont

The gang is all here!

the boys with their american cousins

So great that Andy’s sister and her family could join in on all the fun!

Day 1 in Stowe, Vermont was all about the sun…Day 2 was a little bit of everything!

Andy ready for our first run of the day

We started the day with overcast skies…which moved into dense fog and low clouds…with a dash of freezing rain! After our packed lunch, the skies cleared and the sun came out, the chill subsided and it was like a completely different day!

The hills were literally abandoned…it was like we owned the hills!

My nephews are all about the tricks! Check out the set up!

view of the a ski park at Stowe, Vermont

I have never seen this done before!

nephew going off a rail on skis at Stowe, Vermont

Look carefully…he is doing a back flip!

nephew doing a back flip at Stowe Vermont

I know! And he does it so effortlessly!

Chilling on the hill!

boys chilling on the hill at Stowe Vermont

Another perfect day spent with the family…Matthew rates this day a 9 out of 10 ski day!

A little ‘apres ski cocktail’ while waiting for the kids to finish up on the slopes.

a little apres ski cocktail at Stowe Vermont

Our ‘little cabin in the woods’ smelled amazing upon our arrival home again today…Spaghetti and Meat sauce simmering away in the slow cooker!

I cooked up the ground turkey, onion and garlic last night and combined it with the defrosted sauce I made and brought from home. Put them all in the slow cooker this morning so dinner is super easy tonight…especially since we will be entertaining ‘guests’ !

A tossed salad, my Dairy, Egg and Soy Free French Stick and for dessert…Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Apple Pie are all ready to be fixed and/or heated up in the oven.

Boys are all off having a swim, sauna and whirlpool…winding down and relaxing before our yummy dinner!

Heading back to our ‘little cabin in the woods’ to do the final preparations.

Tomorrow is all about ‘leftovers’!

P.S. Click here for my next post on our trip.


3 thoughts on “Cross-Contamination Series: Day 2 in Stowe, Vermont

    • Hey Michelle! We are having a fantastic time!!! Snow may not be the greatest, weather is a little wacky, but having quality family time together…priceless!

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