The Grandparents Guide: A Parent’s Guide To Families Dealing With Food Allergies

I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to write ‘A Parent’s Guide To Families Dealing With Food Allergies’ for The Grandparents Guide. Click here for my first article, ‘Adjusting To Your Grandchild’s Diagnosis of Food Allergies’.

The Grandparents Guide is “designed to help grandparents connect and learn with and through their grandchildren.”

The creators of The Grandparents Guide, are two neighbourhood moms, Amy and Sandi, whose vision for our ‘internet savvy’ grandparents of today, was a website of their own.

The Grandparent’s Guide covers a wide variety of topics sure to please grandparents at any stage of their grandchildren’s lives: pre-baby/baby, toddler, pre-school, grade school, and the tween/teen years. There is even a section devoted entirely to ‘you’ the grandparent.

Co-creator, Sandi, is living a food allergy journey of her own…two of her children have a peanut/tree nut allergy and one also has an allergy to fish and shellfish.

Sandi understands, that many of the grandparents of today grew up not knowing anyone with a food allergy. Providing grandparents with the tools to understand and cope with their grandchildren’s food allergies is a ‘piece of the puzzle’ that The Grandparents Guide felt was missing…I am honoured to be filling that role.

Once a month, I will be writing food allergy related articles and/or recipes for The Grandparents Guide, devoted to filling the void that some grandparents may be feeling in regards to their grandchild’s food allergy journey.

P.S. No one is paying me to write for The Grandparents Guide. I believe food allergy awareness through education extends to all members of the family. I am happy to share my family’s journey with food allergies with the readers at The Grandparents Guide.

Focusing on a team approach…ultimately building a network of people geared to meeting the needs of children with food allergies.

P.P.S. Due to the announcement posted today, I have bumped my post titled, ‘Overcoming My Asthma Limitations: Running My First 1/2 Marathon at 46!’, until Friday.


2 thoughts on “The Grandparents Guide: A Parent’s Guide To Families Dealing With Food Allergies

  1. Congratulations, Susan!!! This is such a wonderful opportunity for you and a blessing for those who read your wonderful articles! 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of your fabulous writing!!

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