Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast

At our house, French Toast is reserved for special occasions only…Matthew’s Birthday Breakfast and a Father’s Day Breakfast in bed.

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast drizzled with Pure Maple Syrup and dusted with icing sugarDairy and egg allergies prevented Michael from indulging in this yummy breakfast treat…that is until I put my ‘thinking cap’ on and came up with an adapted recipe.

It all starts with a great slice of Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Bread.

As much as I love my Black and Decker Deluxe Bread Machine, the loaves that it creates are not quite like a fresh loaf of bread baked in a loaf pan.  Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily has perfected a recipe that combines the convenience of a bread machine and the quality of a loaf of bread baked in a loaf pan. I knew it would be the perfect bread for my Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast. Click here for the recipe.

Oh my…they are a thing of beauty!

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free loaves of bread cooling on rack

The boys and I could not resist slicing a piece…

slices of Dairy,Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Bread

…and slathering it with Homemade Strawberry Jam!

a slice of Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Bread with homemade strawberry jam

Michael was thrilled with his Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast! “Is this what French Toast really tastes like? Really?” he queried. As he walked away, full of Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast he exclaimed, “Man, it kinda sucks…knowing what I have been missing all this time.”

Not anymore!

This recipe is adapted from my all-time favourite cookbook, Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast being topped with Pure Maple Syrup

1/2 cup Natura Soy Milk or for a soy free version use Natura Rice Milk
1/4 tsp pure vanilla
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1 flax egg (1 tbsp of flax meal mixed with 3 tbsp of water and left to sit for 10 minutes and then stirred)
slices of your favourite allergen friendly bread

Preheat your grill. I preheated our Cuisinart Griddler to 450 F.
Mix all ingredients together in a shallow bowl big enough to hold a slice of bread.

All ingredients in a shallow bowl to dip bread into

Dip both sides of a slice of bread in the mixture.
Spray griddle with a canola spray and cook bread on both sides until nice and crispy.

Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut French Toast on the griddle

Serve with some fresh fruit, pure maple syrup and a sprinkling of icing sugar.

enjoying a piece of Dairy,Egg,Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French ToastEnjoy!

P.S. Matthew came home the other day and wanted French Toast for lunch…think again, my dear. Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast will also be reserved for special occasions lest it lose its specialness!

P.P.S. My boys have not stopped raving about Carla’s bread! “It makes the best sandwiches! It seems to stay fresher longer!” explains Michael.

All I can say to Carla is…”thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Tip: Stir the ingredients just before dipping the bread as the flax meal tends to sink to the bottom. You may even want to sprinkle in more cinnamon as you go along as it stays on top and disappears after a bit…the cinnamon is the best part!

Question: Do you reserve the right to only make certain menu items for special occasions?


12 thoughts on “Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Toast

    • Hi Colette! I hope you give it a try! My boys are over the moon about it! Matthew still wonders how it can taste just like ‘French Toast’!(he can eat dairy and eggs) I think it has a lot to do with the ‘pure vanilla’ that I make from real vanilla beans.

  1. Thanks for your blog, we have slightly different allergies over here, but it gets me thinking when I see your recipes. Plus Can’t tell you how reassured (and a bit jealous) I was to read about your kids over night trips as I was getting ready for my older ones trip. great big Thank you. And yes, you are right ot keep French toast special. I ruined it. My girl decided she no longer likes it.

    • Hi Marina! I am so glad you are finding my blog and recipes helpful! The beauty of recipes are that they are just a formula that can be adapted to anyone’s allergen needs…it just takes a little imagination, research and trial and error to get there…so worth it! Once you start stepping ‘out of the box’ that we put ourselves in…the possibilities are endless! It opens up a whole new world! What types of food allergies are at your house? Was it a Grade 8 Graduation Trip your older child was preparing for like mine? Reintroducing French Toast after a period of time has lapsed may do the trick! Thanks for sharing!

      • Yes, but seeing the recipe, *already* *adapted*, right there on my facebook is so much more motivating. I am going to make the pot pie I saw recently. I might even make 2.

        My kids are Dairy and Soy allergic, and my younger one is also allergic to some seeds. Unfortunately I am now gluten free, along with avoiding animal products generally, but seafood is OK. (Mine are not confirmed allergies). My mother and my brother also have allergies (shellfish and nuts) Happily my daughter and I were able to add back goat’s milk and cheese, just not cow’s. They’ve outgrown many of their other allergies, but looks like these are going to stick.

        Gluten Free, was the latest and most de-motivating for me, I am trying to get my motivation to cook more often but I’m just not motivated. Plus it’s very nice having a spouse who cooks for the kiddos. (He cooks for me too, but not always, he even asks me, “what can I make for you?”, so sweet, but I just say, sighing very pathetically, “I don’t know”.

        We go to a school where they do overnight trips starting in 3rd grade so we’ve had some time to get used to it. Now my older one is going on her trips without one of us parents as a chaperone, which is both exhilarating and terrifying, as you know. That was a big part of it– You Know! I was reading your story, someone who knows exactly what I was going through, only you were a few weeks the other side, and to hear that your son’s destination was also very aware and friendly! (I was pleasantly surprised to find her camp was as well. I must clarify I do get some support from the staff, but I loved the enthusiastic support your son had.) And a nice happy ending with no scary scenes.

        I appreciate the detailed ideas on your plan of action for travel and look forward to finishing reading that series. A friend was telling me about her yearly road trip and I was fascinated. Sure it was nice to hear about the usual trip sort of things, but what fascinated me was how she managed the logistics of traveling and doing all the food.

        Well this got very long. A blog within your blog. Oh well. I am having a bit of insomnia and I’m too tired to edit.

      • Hi Marina! You were up with the birds this morning! Thank you for all your kind words. I am so pleased that you are finding my blog helpful. We are planning another big trip in the near future. It will be a challenge! Stay tuned! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mmm…I **LOVE** French toast! I’m so glad that the bread is such a hit at your home as well, my hubby & kids all love it too! It’s especially nice that the bread maker can do most of the work for us! 😉

  3. So Excited to find this! I am totally looking forward to tomorrows breakfast! Just this past week I have went dairy, egg, soy, and nut free.. It has been a bit overwhelming at times! I will be blogging about this and linking your post!! thanks again!!! (oh and I love the bread, I made some yesterday but this one looks os much better and prettier!!)

    • Hi Mary! Cutting out dairy, egg, soy and peanut/tree nuts can be overwhelming! Take one day at a time. There are so many great products out on the market these days…and if you like to bake and cook…check out some of my recipes! The bread is awesome! So easy to make with a breadmaker…I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does! Thanks for sharing!

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