Decluttering The Dreaded Challenge Revealed

Well Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily didn’t call it The Dreaded Challenge for nothing…this truly was a very dreaded challenge for me.

Procrastination took over! As I was behind on my Productivity Challenge, I dabbled in it when I should have been working on my latest challenge…decluttering the guest bedroom and moving bedroom furniture.

Needless to say, I am behind in both!

I believe there is a reason why I have such a build up of hidden clutter…I have a tendency to hold on to everything. I have this notion, that someday it will come in useful and I will be kicking myself later for passing it on or throwing it out!

Instead of dealing with the clutter, I keep putting it off until later. Later, in this case, turning into years of accumulated indecisions.

On top of that, I lack the right organization tools to keep things organized.

Peter Walsh (decluttering guru) where are you when I need you!

Remembering his tips for decluttering,  “Do I really need this?  Why am I holding on to this?” I grabbed a bin for recycling, a bin for things to donate, a bin for the items I would keep, and a bag for the garbage.

On Monday, I headed on up to the ‘dreaded guest bedroom’ with the ‘dreaded clutter filled drawers’ that I had already half emptied onto the bed, floor and tops of drawers and set to work.

I promised myself I would be ruthless! I would conquer this fear of letting go of my stuff! I would find a better way to hold on to my memories! I would GET ORGANIZED!

I know this might sound crazy but I had to keep telling myself, “You can do this! FOCUS!”

A before picture of all the guest bedroom drawers emptied out on to the bed, floor, and tops of the dressers. Yikes!

Cluttered guest bedroom

An after shot…whew! I did it!

Guest bedroom clutter free

What I wasn’t anticipating, was the huge emotional impact this decluttering challenge would pose to me. What started out as simply clearing clutter turned into a battle of decisions.

A reality check of sorts…letting go of the past and making way for the future. The past weighed heavily on my shoulders…it is such a relief to let it all go!

Carla’s Mini Challenge: To do something nice for yourself.

I love going out for a coffee…a Soy Latte to be exact! To me, going out for a coffee is a luxury…even better spent with a friend. My new friend, Luba and I, have been trying to hook up for a coffee for months now…yesterday seemed like the perfect opportunity. So on a whim, I called her up and we quickly got ourselves organized and met in just over an hour…no more excuses! (Carla…note your beautiful whimsical wallet on the far left… works perfectly as my new camera case!)

Myself, Luba and her son out for a coffee and a chat

Kudos go out to Luba…she had her son to also get ready in that short amount of time.

Luba and I have a lot in common…her son also suffers from eczema and has many food sensitivities and food allergies. We always have a lot to talk about!

It was great catching up! I know my boys will be jealous of missing out visiting with her son…next time we’ll get together with all the boys!

P.S. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily, for getting me started on my ‘new journey’ of striving to live clutter free!

Carla’s February Decluttering Challenge may be over…but I will still be working on sorting, organizing and filing my recipes and will be getting the boys’ bedroom furniture sorted out in due time.

P.P.S. Thankfully, my living room will be decluttered today…I will be busy taking all my donatable items to the women’s shelter and the Salvation Army that I have been storing across the floor and on the couch.

Update: My Dreaded Challenge won!  Thank you Carla. It  truly was a challenge to push myself through the procrastination. Click here to see some of the other completed Dreaded Challenges.

Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily has started a new challenge for March. Click here to check out her March Challenge: Take Three: covering financial, decluttering and personal goals.

I could do with watching my pennies…I never seem to be at a loss of places to declutter and personally, I need to expand our food repetoire! Hmmmm….

Question: How do you stay on top of your clutter? Do you have any organizational tips to keep clutter at bay?


12 thoughts on “Decluttering The Dreaded Challenge Revealed

    • Hi there! I know…quite impressive! Now all I need is for you to help dismantle and play “musical chairs” with all the bedroom furniture! The living room will be just as impressive when you get home…I promise! You’ve been quite patient with all the displaced clutter this past month…thank you!

    • Hi Cindy! Thanks! Still have to rotate and rearrange the bedroom furniture between 3 bedrooms. I need a few more hands for that job! It feels great to have been able to donate a lot of items rather than holding on to them. I know my decluttering days are not over yet…there is still the closet! lol

  1. Hi Susan,
    I’ve followed your blog a few weeks now. I’ve been dying to comment. Wow, I had a lot of trouble…user error I am sure. Thanks to you and determination to figure it out, I now have a gravatar, a WordPress account, and started up a blog– not up yet–seriously. I scare myself. Could it be that WordPress and iPads have issues interfacing? I could so relate to the decluttering/holding onto things/ procrastination (fear of starting and making things worse plays into it for me). I will be following you and Carla for inspiration. I want to attack my basement. You are doing so well in your decluttering…way to go!
    I first found your blog somehow because of the food allergies. I have a son with a tree nut allergy. He is 12 now and we did not know until he was 9! I still shudder to think of what could have happened if I had shared the wrong Clif bar with him on a hike before we knew! Of course now we have the epi pen. I find it a challenge to cook for my family the way I would like (vegetarian, healthy, etc) with ingredients all safe for him. We have the school issues also of course. I look forward to learning more from you Susan. And sorry to go on and on…

    • Hi Julie! Congradulations on starting your own blog…I look forward to it’s debut! I will be continuing my decluttering with Carla’s March Challenge. I hope to get myself better organized and rearrange all that bedroom furniture! Good luck with the basement! Life is full of challenges…I know how hard it is to deal with all the issues surrounding food allergies…know that you are not alone in your journey. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ha Ha, I could have written that! well the first part. You can tell it wasn’t me who wrote that though cuz there is no zone in my house has yet been un-cluttered. Wait wait, I take that back, There is a spot, albeit a small one, and hey; it has actually stayed mostly un-cluttered, for 2 months!

    • Hi Marina! Decluttering seems to be a never ending task! It has that snowball effect…one room rolls into another, then another, etc. Getting started is the hardest part…the best part is seeing the results…very cathartic!

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