Decluttering Family Space Revealed: Week 3 Productivity Challenge

My 1/2 Dozen Daily’s Week 2 : Decluttering Challenge of Family Space is complete. Magazines in my family room have been whisked away from under a chair, removed from the inside of ottomans, the side table and within an apple basket. Revealing a much more inviting space for all.

Much to my husband’s delight!


Before: Tower of magazines on the side table. A catastrophe waiting to happen!

side table in family room cluttered with magazines

After: Only the latest months magazines are to be left on the side table.

side table in family decluttered of magazines

Before: Ottoman’s filled with magazines that need to be sorted.

ottomans filled with magazines that need sorting

After: Removed magazines from the ottomans. So basically, they are just empty. I thought the picture rather boring so I left it out. When I decide what I am going to store in them, I will update the picture.

Before: Overabundance of magazines in apple basket was an eyesore!

overabundance of magazines in apple basket

After: Apple basket can now be admired for its true beauty!

apple basket free of all magazines

Before: Piles of magazines under my reading chair. Hiding many dust bunnies!

piles of magazines under chair

After: I can read in peace, knowing there is not a ‘pea under my mattress”! lol Another benefit…I can vacuum freely under the chair! Keeping those dust bunnies under control.

me reading a  magazine in my decluttered family room

Bonus Challenge for the Week:  Write a letter to someone.

The timing was perfect. I had been meaning to send another card to my husband’s favourite Aunt Ceci. Aunt Ceci suffered a stroke this winter and is now back at home with home care. Nothing like receiving a letter in the mail to make ones day!

Coincidentally, during my decluttering, I came upon a Greeting Card Book I had received from my mom years ago. It is filled with beautiful Wild Flower Greeting Cards for each month of the year.

I choose the February card to write Ceci an update on our goings on.

beautiful wild flower card written to Ceci

It’s almost frameable!  I could send her one for each month of the year! She’ll love it!

Collection of items to donate this week: A series of Geronimo Stilton books.

a series of Geronimo Stilton books to donate

Week 3: The Productivity Challenge: I have collected many magazines, recipes, bits of information and such that need organizing. Creating an organized filing system for easy access will assist me in my research for yummy recipes and useful information for my family and to share with others.

Wish me luck with this one! It’s a daunting task! Yikes!

I am excited at the prospect of gaining control over the ever growing population of magazines. I am hoping, being better organized will give me renewed focus and increase my creativity!

P.S. I have turned all my hangers around in my closet. I am finding I am drawn to the clothes on the backwards hangers…it is my new challenge…to see if I can wear all the clothes on the backwards hangers before my 6 months is up! It’s quite fun actually.

P.P.S. The decluttering of magazines and such has stirred up many dust bunnies. Alas, I am very allergic to dust. My allergy nasal spray was low and just not up to the task…I am therefore, left with a tickley nose that I want to rip off and a head that feels like it wants to explode… I now have a sinus infection.

Such are the perils of decluttering with allergies!

Question: Do you suffer from dust allergies and find decluttering or cleaning in general an issue?


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