Decluttered Personal Space Revealed: Week 2: Decluttering Family Space Challenge

Week 1: Personal Space Challenge Revealed

Click here to view the before pictures.

It brings a smile to my face each time I look at my tidy bedside table. I know, it’s such a little thing but it’s amazing the personal pleasure I feel from my accomplishment.

decluttered bedroom side table

It has encouraged me to tidy up other mini areas of the house that need that little bit of attention…my bathroom counter, my laundry room counter, kitchen counter and my umbrella stand.

Umbrella stand? Yes, umbrella stand…jam packed with plastic bags and elastic bands that my Toronto Star newspaper is delivered in on inclement weather days.

umbrella stand filled with plastic newspaper bags and elastics

That’s better!

a decluttered umbrella stand

I have compiled them all and will leave them for my newspaper delivery carrier to recycle.

Ta dah! The dining room table, a.k.a. my desk, has been transformed!

my decluttered dining room table a.k.a. my desk

A trip to the Dollar Store was all I needed to organize my various ‘bits and bats’ that I like to have at hand.

Bin to the left holds my notebooks, recipe journal for writing out my new recipes, book review books, and my Little Oxford Dictionary/Thesaurus.

dollar store bin holding notebooks, dictionary and book review books on my 'desk'

Bin to the right holds my scissors for cutting out articles and recipes, recipe cards, sticky notes, tape and my camera when not in use.

right hand bin on my desk

Perfect to pick up and tuck away when I need to use the dining room table for entertaining.

I love my space! I even have room on the table for photographing…the dark table makes for a nice change and gives contrast to my white dishes.

Michael spent a good afternoon purging his drawers and tidying up his desk. Great job!

michael's decluttered bedroom

The boys and I went through the books in Michael’s closet selecting those to donate and those to keep. The boys often reread many of their favourites.

The closet is a much better site!

Michael's decluttered closet

Matthew’s side table was pretty easy to sort out…he mostly just needed to put his things away and toss out the garbage.

matthew's decluttered side tableDecluttering has the effect of revealing the dust bunnies!

Now things are tidy and clean…perfect!

I have accumulated all my belongings to be donated on the couch.

things to donate on couch

There are 8 piles to cover the 8 days so far. From left to right: plastic bags and elastics to be given to the newspaper carrier, books in front to be returned to lender, pile of clothes, bag of material, children’s books and magazines to The Women’s Shelter and men’s clothing and trophies in front of books to go to the Salvation Army.

Week 2: The Family Space Challenge: I have focused my attention on the Family Room…the magnet for all the magazines.  This is where the magazines seem to congregate.

There is a tower of magazines on the side table, an apple basket filled with magazines and clippings, piles of magazines under a skirted chair, and a back load of them hidden inside two ottomans. Yikes! (Will post before and after pictures together next week.)

Clearing, sorting, purging and cleaning will be first on the agenda. Followed up with compiling the magazines into their respective piles and reviewing the clippings for useful articles and recipes. Creating a filing system for my clippings will help to organize my recipes for easy access.

Oh my, this could take awhile! There are still the drawers in the Guest Bedroom to consider for the Dreaded Challenge. It truly is dreaded!

Tip 1: I found words of wisdom for decluttering from the master of decluttering himself…Peter Walsh. Click here to listen to some of his ideas about decluttering your home and the benefits of living clutter free.

Some of my favourites of Peter’s decluttering advice are:

1) Finding a place for your things removes stress: So true…I feel less tension at my ‘desk’ and bedside table. Clearing the clutter makes my working environment more condusive to productivity. I love having a place for everything!

2) Decide what you want from your space…peace, harmony, focus and motivation: Yes, yes, yes and yes!

3) His ratio rule: for every 4 items you keep…throw one out: I will use this when working through my magazines and clippings. Wish me luck!

4) In your closet, hang all your clothes back to front and only turn them around after you have worn them. After 6 months, remove all the clothes that are still back to front: Sounds easy enough.

5) Empty a cluttered kitchen drawer into a bin. Only return an item to the drawer when it has been used. Donate what is left in the bin after 1 month: Again, sounds simple enough.

Tip 2: Peter Walsh’s 10 ways to declutter can be found here.

Tip 3: More of Peter Walsh’s decluttering ideas can be found here.

P.S. As overwhelming as my Decluttering Challenges are…I am happy with my progress thus far!

Good luck to all that are working through February’s Decluttering Challenge that Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily has organized.

Questions: Did you set a Personal Space Challenge for yourself? How did you fare? Will you be trying the Family Space Challenge?


2 thoughts on “Decluttered Personal Space Revealed: Week 2: Decluttering Family Space Challenge

    • Hubby is very pleased to see the progress I am making with the decluttering challenge! I just hope we can maintain it! P.S. I have turned all my clothes hangers around in my closet just as Peter Walsh suggested…can’t wait to see how I do!

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