February 2012 Decluttering Challenge: Week 1: Personal Space

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with the clutter in your house?

Yes! Me too! I have good intentions, but somehow never manage to find the time to follow through. When I do find the time, I manage to clear one area of the house, only to clutter up yet another area…it’s a vicious circle.

It’s a daunting task that weighs on my shoulders. Just thinking about it overwhelms me!

Last week I started to take my first ‘baby steps’ towards freeing us of clutter. My first attempts at ‘cleaning house’ were started with the freezer and fridge. I can’t tell you how liberating it was…not to mention easy on the wallet! It has enouraged me to tackle more!

Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily has come to my rescue! She is encouraging us all to a double challenge for February: February Decluttering Challenge and February Low (no) Spend Challenge. I have opted for the Decluttering Challenge.

Carla’s February Declutter Challenge is just the incentive I need to formulate a plan of action, get motivated and to be accountable.

Starting the week of February 1, 2012, I will undertake the first part of the challenge.

Week 1: The Personal Space Challenge: This will consist of cleaning up my bedside table…yikes!

my bedside table that needs decluttering

My dining room table a.k.a my desk…oh my!

my dining room table that needs decluttering

Lastly, if you look behind the living room couch, you will find a pile of ‘stuff’ that was once on the dining room table. I moved them here during the holidays to accomodate entertaining. I am including it in the this challenge as it was technically on the dining room table at one point.

more clutter behind living room couch

How embarrasssing!

I have also enlisted my boys to undertake the Personal Space Challenge…their bedrooms!

Michael’s bedroom in exam bedlam!

Michael's room in need of decluttering

His closet is lined with stacks of books that need a new home.

Michael's book laden closet

Matthew’s side table needs some attention, not to mention, a few drawers.

Matthew' side table needs decluttering

Each week will present a new challenge:

Week 2: The Family Space Challenge: Magazines litter my family room: side table, inside ottomans and even under chairs!

Week 3: The Productivity Challenge: I have collected many magazines, recipes, bits of information and such that need organizing. Creating an organized filing system for easy access will assist me in my research for yummy recipes and useful information for my family and to share with others.

Week 4: The Dreaded Challenge: My guest bedroom drawers are full of…yes you guessed it…more magazines and clippings. (They will be added to the productivity challenge.) By decluttering the bedrooms, I am hoping to do a bedroom furniture swap: guest bed and furniture with desk to Michael’s room, Michael’s twin beds and furniture to the guest room and his desk to Matthew’s room. It is the incentive I am using to get the boys motiviated to join my Decluttering Team!

Carla will be adding 4 *bonus* mini challenges throughout the month and is encouraging us all to purge an item a day (29) to toss, sell or donate. I have already started 2 piles: one for the Women’s Shelter and the other to the Diabetes Association.

Sounds like fun, eh!

My ultimate goal: to create a positive work environment including an organized set-up for all my recipes, liberate my side tables, dining room table, floors, drawers and closets, pass on useful items to be given a second life, and exchange the bedroom furniture. I hope to clear all barriers to my creativity so I may feel empowered, confident and in control.

Will decluttering do all that?  Only one way to find out!

I will be posting my progress each week including pictures…wish me luck!

Question: Where does clutter accumulate in your home? How do you tackle your clutter? Does clearing the clutter help to clear your mind, give you focus, motivate and energize you to do more? Please share! Are you up for a Decluttering or Low (no) Spend Challenge for February? If interested in joining in on the fun, check out Carla @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily or just follow and cheer us along!.

P.S. My Cross-Contamination series will continue on Wednesday.

P.P.S. I had trouble with the original version…this is an updated version. Unfortunately, I have lost any comments written on the last post. I apologize if one was yours. Please try again!


5 thoughts on “February 2012 Decluttering Challenge: Week 1: Personal Space

  1. Love all the pics! Wait till you see mine…you’ll be in god company! 😉 lol! It’s awesome that your sons are game too! Although, their bedrooms put my sons to shame, even with the “before” pic!!! lol! Good luck this month, Susan! I cant wait to see the “after” pics!! 🙂

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