Ottawa 2011-2012: Ringing in the New Year in a Winter Wonderland

Ringing in the New Year in a Winter Wonderland!

ottawa's winter wonderland 2011Temperature in the Ottawa region hovered between minus 11 and minus 17 degrees celcius!

winter wonderland walk with Jagg, ottawa, 2011

Between unheated hockey arenas and going for beautiful winter wonderland walks everyday…

mom and I out for a winter wonderland walk, ottawa, 2011

…I lived in my thermal underwear!

I love going for walks in the woods…

walking in the woods, ottawa, 2011

…it’s like stepping into Narnia!

Even the trees were decorated in the Christmas Spirit!

christmas decoration on tree in the woods, ottawa, 2011

Preparing the backyard rink was top priority…my brother puts in many hours watering and perfecting the rink. (Andy likes to help out)

my brother and andy watering the backyard rink, ottawa, 2011

Michael pitched in to get the boards up for puck shooting…while Matthew anxiously awaited game time!

putting up the boards on the backyard rink, ottawa, 2011

Best Buddies!

best buddies, ottawa, 2011

The Bell Capital Cup Tournament, that my nephew’s hockey team was entered in, drew teams from all over the world… Germany, Korea, The United States, Finland.

Trading team pins is all the rage!

trading pins hat bell capital cup 2011

The yellow pin is a coveted pin from Germany!

The skills competition is always exciting to watch…especially when your nephew is entered! His relay team blew away the competition.

Congradulations on your team’s win!

relay win cup, bell capital cup, ottawa, 2011

With the skills competition and the quarter finals hockey game going back to back…there was no time to head home for lunch.

We went prepared:  Michael packed a ham sub and some cookies for lunch.

Highlight for Michael was ordering a plate of french fries at one of the hockey arenas. After discussing all Michael’s food allergies with the waiter and checking with the kitchen staff…it was declared that the fries would be safe. (Nothing was fried in the oil with Michael’s food allergens…that would have cross-contaminated the oil) The waiter took our concerns very seriously…he too has a peanut/tree nut allergy and his sister multiple food allergies…he understood our needs precisely.Thank you Kevin!

Meals at my brother’s consisted of:
Our Spagetti and Meatballs with our Dairy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free French Stick that we brought for dinner the day we arrived.
Our family Christmas Dinner: roast turkey,stuffing,gravy,dairy free garlic mashed potatoes (Michael helped make),carrots,roasted brussel sprouts and our Dairy, Egg, Soy and Peanut/Tree Nut Free Apple Pie brought from home. (Michael couldn’t have the stuffing and gravy due to the bread having traces of dairy, egg and sesame…I forgot to bring his frozen allergen free stuffing from home as a substitute…he was disappointed but very understanding)
There were plenty of leftovers for dinner the next night. Love it!
For our last night, we enjoyed barbequed chicken kebabs,quinoa pilaf and steamed brocolli…all free of Michael’s allergens.
All in all, a very stress free experience.

Unfortunately, my nephew’s team lost in the quarter finals.

Headed back home where the boys all laced up their hockey skates…shovelled the snow off the rink…and it was game on!

boys geared up for some backyard hockey, ottawa, 2011

Happy New Year from our family to yours!


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