In the Spirit of Christmas…The Pillars of Strength

What is the Spirit of Christmas?

I believe I experienced it on Sunday evening. Our family was driving back from Matthew’s hockey game and as we turned down our street…there they were…

2011 Pillars of Strength on our street

…The Pillars of Strength…in all their glory!

The ingenious idea for The Pillars of Strength came into fruition last year by our neighbour.

Families and individuals all over the world struggle with challenges…medical, physical, emotional, and financial.

Facing these challenges takes strength, courage, determination…it takes everything we’ve got!

For me, The Pillars of Strength stand tall in their solidarity.

They represent a neighbourhood coming together with all that we have…their presence gives me that extra boost of confidence…they give me hope.

2011 Pillars of Strength on our street

Living with multiple food allergies, eczema and asthma we have experienced our fair share of challenges…but who hasn’t!

On our family’s journey, I have always stressed that there are many families in the world struggling with challenges of their own…there is not a family out there that has been able to avoid them. At times, I believe knowing this has helped my boys get through some rough times.

My husband and I are very fortunate to have purchased our first home in this jewel of a neighbourhood. In the beginning, we were thrilled at the location…home situated in the middle of a quiet street with only neighbours driving by…perfect for road hockey! Nice sized lot for kids and a dog to play in. Close to schools, church, grocery store and a pharmacy.

But really the heart of the street comes from the people who live there…our neighbours.

How does our front lawn magically get mowed… our driveway shovelled on the day that I just can’t get out there? Who can I ask for a cup of sugar on a dime? Lend an egg too?Neighbours!

Last winter the women on our street united and created a schedule of sustenance (soup, casseroles and reading material) for a family in our neighbourhood facing cancer. 

These acts of kindness come from the heart.

The Pillars of Strength are there to remind us all, that simple acts of kindness give more than the eye can see…they remind us of the good in people…they give us hope!

2011 Pillars of Strength on our street.

The Pillars of Strength stand tall for all those struggling with the many challenges that life presents to us.

The Pillars of Strength are dedicated to our dear neighbours who continue to bravely face cancer.

2011 Pillars of Strength on our street

The Spirit of Christmas lives in all of us…may you find your own strength in Our Pillars of Strength.


2 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Christmas…The Pillars of Strength

  1. Wow! I don’t know if anything could be added to such a heartfelt, heart warming post, and yet I am compelled to add my few cents worth. People matter. It is that simple. Things change, time flies, but people love. Such beautiful displays of goodwill restore our faith in our capacity to love and for love. Those pillars remind me of a children’s book called How Full is Your Bucket. The characters in the story fill a bucket everytime a good deed is done. It appears as though the buckets on our street are very full. We are truly blessed.

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